SOC experts imparting job oriented cyber security training to aspirants


Ahmedabad : Pioneer-Indian SOC analyst training company, SOC Experts is on a mission to empower unemployed and employed graduates across the country with job-oriented cyber security training. Witnessing the shortage of skilled security analysts in India and globally, the market-leading company plans to develop world-class cybersecurity professionals through its community-oriented learning approach.

Aspiring Minds’ Annual Employability Survey 2019 reports that 80% of Indian engineers are unsuitable for jobs in the knowledge economy. Many students (especially from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities) remain unemployed today because they don’t possess the skills necessary to be immediately absorbed by the industry.

“With a primary focus on job-oriented cyber security training, we aim to increase employability factors by getting both experienced and inexperienced workers job opportunities. Our vision is to bridge the prevalent skill gap in India’s cyber security domain,” claimed Anand Guru the Founder of SOC Experts in an interview.

SOC Experts is an acclaimed Indian edtech company laser-focused on cybersecurity providing end-to-end training to aspiring cybersecurity professionals. Backed with custom-built infrastructure, certified training professionals, and hands-on experience in cyber security’s latest and greatest technologies, the company has made its mark in the industry since its inception in April 2016.

SOC Experts is a trusted choice of thousands of security analysts in India. The institution provides world-class faculty, live classes, hands-on labs, an industry-relevant curriculum, video lectures, mock interviews, quizzes, assignments, CV preparation assistance, and trusted content for an affordable fee.

The main objective of the community-oriented SOC analyst training company is to impart cyber security skills and cyber security knowledge to millions of job aspirants. They have been fulfilling this role with immense dedication by acting as a prominent finishing school for the development of essential technical skills in the field of cyber security. What makes them stand out from other SOC analyst training companies is their unique industry-relevant training approach which enables students to kickstart their cyber security career in a short period.

 “We understand the role of industry expert training and technical aspects in tapping the true potential of the community. Through our platform, MAGIC which stands for Mastery And Growth In Cybersecurity, we plan to hire thousands of industry experts to help millions of job aspirants in the field of cybersecurity,” the Founder added.

An increase in cyber security hiring and retention challenges has been revealed by the eighth annual cyber security survey from the global IT association ISACA. In 42% of organizations, cyber security teams are understaffed. There is a shortage of cyber security workers in 60% of Indian organizations, according to a report.

Bridging the gap between skilled cyber security professionals in the country cannot be achieved with a handful of trainers and a few classes. It will take thousands of cyber security field experts to bring a new wave of world-class cyber security professionals to India. Rising automated platforms like SOC Experts are certainly fuelling the fire through their automated platform practices for developing the employability factors of its students.

“The logistics of scheduling and dispersing payments to all the cyber security training professionals is also automated. Our training experts whom we refer to as Cyber Genies are our biggest strength at the moment. They are the key people behind the inevitable success of our students in the cyber security domain,” he finished.

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