Adani Foundation announces Rs 5 crore endowment for 20 orphaned children of Morbi bridge collapse


Adani foundation
Gandhinagar: The Adani Foundation has come to the rescue of about 20 children, including a child yet to be born, who lost one or both parents in the ill-fated Morbi bridge collapse incident. The foundation has announced an endowment of Rs 5 crore for the education of the children and their better life ahead.

According to official records, 7 children were orphaned after losing both their parents and 12 children lost one of their parents in the bridge collapse. The Adani Foundation is working with the Morbi District Administration to set up endowments of Rs 25 lakh each for these children and also for the yet-unborn child of a pregnant woman who lost her husband in the tragedy.

About 135 people lost their lives and over 180 others were injured when the Jhoolto Pul, a colonial-era suspension bridge built in the 1880s over the Machchhu River in Morbi, collapsed in the early evening on 30 October 2022.

“We are deeply anguished by the loss of life and share the enormous pain of those who lost their loved ones,” said Dr Priti G Adani, Chairperson, Adani Foundation. “Among the most severely affected are the little ones, many of whom are yet to be told that their mother or father or both parents will never return home. The very least we can do in this time of great distress is to make sure that these children have the means to grow, get a proper education and lead fulfilling lives. This is why we decided to set up a fund to provide the financial support they need over their growing-up years.”

In consultation with the authorities overseeing the relief efforts, the Adani Foundation will place the funds in secured fixed deposits for the 20 children so that the principal amount remains intact while the interest goes towards supporting their needs. The Adani Foundation’s Executive Director Mr Vasant Gadhavi handed over commitment letter for the principal amount to the Morbi District Collector.

Established in 1996, the Adani Foundation is one of the world’s most wide-reaching social support organisations with outreach programs that cover 3.7 million people in 2,409 villages across the length and breadth of India. It focuses on quality education, community health, skill development, sustainable livelihood development and rural infrastructure development, and supports a range of special projects for child nutrition and the empowerment of women.