Renowned Haryanvi producer Inderjeet Singh Rao releases his latest ‘Birthday’ son on Gem Tunes


New Delhi: It’s time to start getting pumped up! Inderjeet Singh Rao, a Haryanvi music producer, just dropped a new single called “Birthday.” The most popular Haryana-based YouTube channel, Gem Tunes, has finally uploaded the song. Haryanvi superstar B2 directed the entire thing. The song’s catchy title, as well as the participation of singers like Kaka Wrld, Pranjal Dahiya, and Megha Kishore, suggest that it will be a massive success.

Kaka Wrld and Megha Kishore, the most acclaimed Haryanvi singers of today, have composed this new song. In addition to Kaka Wrld, Pranjal Dahiya has been featured in the song, making Haryanvi fans go crazy. With Pranjal Dahiya’s contribution to this Haryanvi song, there has certainly been an increase in global hype regarding it.


In recent days, a new song by Kaka Wrld and Megha Kishore was released under the Gem Tunes Haryanvi label. Gem Tunes, the official Haryanvi YouTube channel, has it available for audience listening. Kaka Wrld’s “Birthday” song will be available exclusively at Gem Tunes – a place where listeners can get both video and audio in full.


After the viral success of “Bholenath”, Kaka Wrld has definitely come a long way. A million devotees of God Shiva have been brought closer to him through the song’s heartfelt voice and touching lyrics. To this day, every temple across Haryana still plays this sweet tune. There is a large number of religious Haryanvi song listeners out there who enjoy this piece.


There is no difference in popularity between Pranjal Dahiya and other leading artists. Having achieved fame after uploading a music video on YouTube called “52 Gaj Ka Daman”, she entered the world of stardom. Thousands of people praised and accredited the song on YouTube alone, and other social media platforms followed.


As far as the following is concerned, Megha Kishore has an equally large following as the other artists involved. Having recorded “Maa Rap Song,” she has achieved a milestone in her life. The newly released “Birthday” song is bound to break all music records thanks to her voracious voice.


The popular music label Gem Tunes will distribute the “Birthday” song to its audiences. In the music industry, Gem Tunes has established itself as a leading company. Many great hits have been released by the label, including “Razzi Bolja”, “Z Black Shishe”, and “Supna song Akhil”.


The “Birthday” song producer, Inderjeet Singh Rao, is quite elated to present the song through Haryana’s top YouTube channel, Gem Tunes. The successful track record of this label makes him believe his song will be a massive hit in the day to come.

Up until now, the label has released over 10,000 videos that have achieved over 150 million views on YouTube. As another feather in Gem Tunes’ hat, this new song has only increased its fame. The melody of this song has won the hearts of thousands of social media users. Within a few days, we expect it to reach millions of people. There is a high likelihood of millions of people hearing about it within a few days.