Parth securities is setting a new benchmark of growth in India


parth securities
New Delhi : For over 22 years, Parth Securities has led the way for retail investor brokerage groups in areas including initial public offering (IPO) investments and trading. Mr Rakesh Doshi, the company’s driving force, is carrying on the legacy of his father, Shri Rasiklal M Doshi, a stock market veteran of more than 45 years. Thousands of people who invest in the stock market have put their faith in Parth Securities. Rakesh Doshi benefits greatly from his father’s extensive knowledge and experience.

Shri Rasiklal Doshi. Parth Securities has a very strong team of well-experienced supporting family members Mr Shreyans R Doshi, with a strong background of serving more than 1000 investors for more than 20 years.

Rakesh Doshi has aerial vision across the globe. He expects the Indian stock exchange and investors to be in the limelight in the coming years as the Indian economy is ready to jump over 5 trillion within a very short span of time. Rakesh expects a very big role of the international community as one of the stakeholders in the Indian investor’s platform in the coming years. Parth Securities is well equipped to accept the challenge of serving national and international investors in India. In short, Mr Rakesh has a vision “there is more money in the stock exchange than the water in the Ganges”.

  “Go Global Work Local with Excellence” is the mission of Mr Rakesh.

Many more than one thousand local investors have benefitted from his expertise in the field of investments in a stock exchange. Moreover, Indian political stability and the importance of India as a key international player have been very well accepted by the international community. As a result, more and more international investors will be attracted to the Indian stock exchange.

Indian economy and tax system have been more transparent and trustworthy in recent years, so the Indian stock markets have a very bright future. Traders and long-term investors are to be benefitted bountifully from the growth of the stock market. It’s just the time factor. India is the Asian tiger, second to none, with the largest democracy and demography. With this big vision, Rakesh plans the portfolios of the investors in tailormade patterns. It’s the USP of the Parth Securities.

  “Your Trust is Our Asset” is the message for his Investors.