A video of a small boy flying a plane at Surat airport goes viral, complaint filed to DGCA by SAAC


Surat Airport
Surat: Now kids can also fly planes from the Surat airport. In one such incident, a video has gone viral where a seven-year-old boy is sitting on the co-pilot seat in the cockpit of a small aircraft wearing an aviation headset, holding the steering wheel and he is given the take-off instruction by the main pilot on the runway.

Sanjay Ezhawa, president of the Surat Airport Action Committee (SAAC) has filed a complaint with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)  demanding an inquiry into the serious incident where a little boy is seated next to the pilot wearing aviation headset, holding steering wheel in his hand and giving take-off instruction. The plane is running on the runway and about to take off. This is criminal negligence by the pilot and a detailed inquiry should be ordered.

Talking with TBT, Sanjay Ezhawa,  president of SAAC said, “I have filed a complaint with the DGCA demanding inquiry into the criminal negligence of the pilot of the small aircraft. The aircraft is running on the runway and the pilot is giving take-off instructions to the kid sitting next to him. How can a child enter the cockpit of the flight?”

“Had anything gone wrong during the take-off, there would be a major threat in the city. The video clearly shows the Surat airport, which exemplifies the fact that the plane was on the runway of the Surat airport” said Ezhawa.

Sources said that the boy flying the plane is from the family of the Gujarat Cabinet Minister. It seems that the pilot was given instructions to get the boy sit next to him and enjoy the flying experience.