Meet the ambitious mind behind Maruti Impex


Bhavnagar : Suresh Lakhani who is affectionately known as “Bhojpara” after his village’s name is a self-made entrepreneur and philanthropist who has built a successful global business – “Maruti Impex” from scratch. Maruti Impex is one of the largest companies in the world in cut and polished diamonds. He started his business when most youngsters are about to finish high school, at a youthful age of 16. His relentless hard-work from a very young age has launched the company into success.

His mission is “ समाजिक उसव के माध्यम से निर्माण ” which essentially translates to “Building up our nation through social and cultural festivals”. He sees an India in

the future where many youngsters have businesses which help India grow. He is a big advocate for “Make in India”. He organizes many events where he helps budding entrepreneurs expand their reach by introducing them to his wide pool of influential business connections.

His Vision is to provide employment and services to the young generation and give them the resources to be self-sufficient. He aims to create 1 lakh plus jobs. He maintains an open culture throughout his office and his immense knowledge of diamonds has made him a highly respected and awe-inspiring leader.

Mr Lakhani is lauded for his quick on the spot thinking, his presence of mind and problem-solving skills. He is behind coming up with new strategies on how to grow the company more and ensuring it is executed appropriately. He is attributed for taking the company on a global platform, developing employee welfare programmes wherein they often do free medical camps for their employees every year. He has built several temples, Gaushalas, hospital “Swami Nirdoshanand Hospital” in village Timbi among many others.

Mr Lakhani plays a key role in the rise of Maruti Impex to its top position in the diamond industry. Mr Lakhani has 22,000 employees currently and has an ambitious goal of reaching 1lakh employees. He has already started the construction of 22 storeyed buildings to accommodate his new hires.

Mr. Lakhani takes his inspiration from the Iron man of India – the great Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. He deals with problems head-on and has never feared or shy away from any circumstances. Everything can be solved with a clear mind, good

karma, religious belief and Yoga. Mr. Lakhani believes, “good work results in good outcomes” and has consistently done good through his social work. Mr Lakhani looks up to his brother (Mr. Dinesh Lakhani – another top successful businessman of his field) for personal inspiration

Mr. Lakhani leads Maruti Impex Foundation – a subsidiary of Maruti Impex. Among the many social work, he does, he organizes a monumental event called “Papa ni Pari” where he is getting 551 fatherless daughters married in a luxurious fashion regardless of their caste, race or creed. Hindu, Muslim, Christian girls are all welcome under the same roof for marriage. Every girl dream of a grand wedding, Mr Lakhani is doing his part in making sure these 551 girls have their dream wedding. From makeup artist, photographer, caterer, decorator to the venue he handles everything and does not take a single penny from them. Everything is seamless, from the application process to the marriage ceremony. Papa ni pari is taking place this year in Bhavnagar, Gujarat on the 6th of Nov, 2022.