International passengers cry foul on the lack of basic facilities like WiFi, ATM and calling booths at Surat airport


Surat Airport
Surat (Gujarat) [India]:  IF you are a non-resident Indian (NRI) travelling from the Surat airport for the first time, make sure you have a working Indian sim card for your mobile phone, debit or credit card issued by the domestic banks. If not, then be prepared to suffer in an emergency at the airport.

Reason: Surat airport lacks WiFi connectivity for the passengers, international credit and debit cards are not supported on the POS machines at the shops, non-availability of phone booths etc.

Passengers travelling to domestic and international destinations from Surat International airport are suffering for the last many years when it comes to the basic amenities at the developed airport having more than 15 lakh passenger traffic per annum.

Dhaivat Desai, who was travelling to an international destination from Surat airport for the first time, tweeted, “Departing for the very first time from Surat airport for my international connectivity. There is no airport WiFi, no support for international credit and debit cards, and no phone booth for calling facilities. NRIs who have neither an Indian phone number nor an Indian Debit or credit card are helpless at Surat airport. A very long way to go before I can call it an international airport”

Mustafa Hamdani, a member of the We Work For a Working Airport at Surat (WWWAS) FB page tweeted, “I had highlighted the international card issue two years back, but no solution has been provided since then. There is no ATM at the airport”