Women are more prone to depression than men post-Covid: Dr.Neha Mehta


Dr Neha Sharma
New Delhi (India) : Indian women are more prone to depression than men. While one in every 15 adults in India suffers from depression,  one in every six people will experience depression later in life post-Covid, according to Dr.Neha Mehta, co-founder of My Fit Brain.

Expressing her concerns over the country’s mental health in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Neha that depression could occur at any age and sex, though women are more prone to depression than men. Research shows that one-third of women experience a major depressive episode at least once in their lifetime.

“It’s high time that we shed out all the stigma around Mental health and support people to come and talk about it,” said Dr.Neha Mehta. “Depression cases are increasing at an alarming speed in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. With students losing their valuable years due to Covid and many people losing their jobs, I meet twice the number of people suffering from depression. Even the war in Ukraine to has led many students and families into serious stages of anxiety and depression.”

Dr. Neha suggests a few realistic goals to be performed by those undergoing depression-like planning small goals instead of big targets, reading ten pages from any book, cleaning wardrobe, organizing work desk, etc.

The pandemic in India has left some people with physical ailments and others with severe mental health issues. A WHO report reveals a 25 per cent spike in the cases of anxiety and depression in the past two years. The pandemic that locked people inside their homes, cutting them from the entire world, and making them socially inactive has resulted in stress, anxiety, and depression.

“Meditation, creativeness, exercise, nature, and spending time with loved ones are the effective remedies to kill depression and anxiety,” said Dr. Neha.


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