IPSC hospital organizes health camp at IGI airport with GMR group


New Delhi [India]: IPSC hospital organized a health check-up camp at the GMR Infratech headquarters at IGI airport in New Delhi.

The health camp was organized at the premises of GMR Infratech, a leading multinational conglomerate under the leadership of the CMO of GMR Group Dr. Hazarika, and IPSC’s GM operations Dr. Amit Mittal.

This was the second health camp by the IPSC hospitals following the successful camp organized at the National High-Speed Railways Corporation (NHRCL).

The health camp was organized with the aim to sensitize the employees of GMR for their well-being, especially for endocrinal disorders of the thyroid. More than 100 employees participated in the camp and availed the facility of general awareness about thyroid and also got their blood tests done for thyroid by the team of IPSC, department of pathology.

Post camp CEO, Director of IPSC Pain and Spine Hospital, Dr (Maj) Pankaj N Surange, addressed the participant employees from GMR and depicted a talk on Myths and Facts about Spine.

The whole talk was an interactive session between Dr (Maj) Pankaj and the audience from GMR, discussing the major reasons for pains and management of spine-related problems. Dr (Maj) Pankaj explains that most of the spine-related problems in today’s scenario are lifestyle diseases and continued sitting for desk work. Many of the problems of chronic pains also arise from a sudden increase in physical exercise. He also explained the various myths and facts describing the correct mattresses to choose, the use of the right pillow, the right exercises in case of spine pains, sitting styles during work, correct selection of chairs; he also explained the role of MISPI (Minimal Invasive spine procedures techniques) to avoid major surgeries. The role of regenerative medicines was also explained.

It was overall an eye-opener interactive session for the employees of GMR and was well praised by everyone.

Dr. Ravi, Dr. Vishal, a medical specialist from GMR. Dr (Maj) Harshita Surange, Director IPSC India, Amit Mittal, GM operations, Avinash Sinha, Digital Marketing Manager, Rajni Gussain, OPD Manager and hospital coordinator from IPSC India, were present at the event.