In a first, Dwarka City organized the Indian Wheel Chair premier league 2022


Indian wheelchair premier
Dwarka (Gujarat) [India]: Dwarka City organized the first-ever Indian Wheel Chair Premier League 2022 for the physically challenged starting from June 20 to June 25 at the cricket ground of Bal Bhavan International School.

A roadshow of the physically challenged cricket players was organized from Raja Puri Chow at Dwarka sector 12 and it culminated at the cricket ground of Bal Bhavan International School.

About eight teams of physically challenged cricketers from across the state and the country played cricket tournaments for five days and the final was organized on June 25.

The cricket league was co-sponsored by the New Delhi-based IPSC Pain and Spine hospital Dwarka.

Dr (Maj) Harshita Surange, Director IPSC India, shared the stage with Retired ACP Dwarka Rajender Singh and former DCP Dwarka Anto Alphanzo. The Physically disabled players entered the cricket ground in their wheelchairs, saluting the stage with lots of cheerfulness and enthusiasm. It was a motivating moment for all to see these players on wheelchairs dancing and cheering for the event.

Despite the major challenge of not having limbs or suffering from severe poliomyelitis, the players were loaded with fighting instincts and fire in their hearts to challenge any normal person in life.

Sudha Sinha and Mukesh Sinha, the chief editors of Dwarka city, welcome Dr (Maj) Harshita Surange with a flower bouquet and stroll.

Dr (Maj) Harshita Surange said, “The human spirit is one of ability, perseverance, and courage that no disability can steal away.” she also announced to provide complete support to the players during the matches and in the future as well.

Dr (Maj) Harshita Surange promised that IPSC India will always be the first entity to participate in any such kind of event that is dedicated to humanity and the wellbeing of Society.

Dr. Amit Mittal, GM of operations, Avinash Sinha, Digital Marketing Manager, and Ambuj Mishra, Manager of Marketing and Sales from IPSC India, were present at the event.