EdTech giant Extraminds launches YouTube channel to post 4k educational videos for students for free


New Delhi (India), June 23:  Extraminds, India’s EdTech giant, has announced the launch of a YouTube channel for the students to post over 4,000 educational videos free of cost.

Through these educational videos the company aims to offer the best learning experience to students, parents, and educators from the comfort of their homes.

In response to the huge success of the Extraminds Educational App, the team has decided to re-launch its free educational services progressively.

The videos curated on Extraminds YouTube channel will consist of reading materials, graphics, animation, step-wise explanations, and solved examples. The video lectures by the best faculty are likely to help the students gain a better understanding of each topic as per the latest CBSE curriculum. The company claims this initiative is the biggest free learning initiative.

Extraminds distinctive approach will immensely benefit both students and parents. Moreover, the videos available on the video streaming platform are open to everyone for free.

Students can watch and learn from these high-quality video-based lectures.

The company has put in its best effort to collate these videos through research and the help of faculty members with years of experience to provide better learning techniques that can benefit them in the long run.

Furthermore, Extraminds is also planning to launch video lectures for medical and engineering students soon.

Adding to the announcement, Roger Kumar- Managing Director of Extraminds Edusocial Ltd, commented, “By launching the exclusive educational videos for free, we want to bring alive the joy of smart learning. We want to infuse learning so that one finds it easy to achieve it no matter where they are. We aim to inspire learners to embrace learning like never before”.

Extraminds is a state-of-the-art classroom lecture video platform. The teachers are handpicked with 20 plus years of experience teaching in India’s premium schools. The idea is to transport quality education to India’s remotest villages free of cost. The videos are loaded with figures and pictorial descriptions for even struggling students to understand with ease. Extraminds is free of cost to help students get the best education and can positively contribute to the overall idea called India.