Sandesh Deshmukh has become a guiding force for fitness and bodybuilding training


sandesh deshmukh

Pune (Maharashtra) [India] :  Sandesh Deshmukh has become India’s most reputed fitness expert and a guiding forces for hundreds of aspirants looking for fitness and body-building training.

Deshmukh said, “There is tons of information which is fake and is misguiding the aspirants“. Even the digital generation has a tough time recognising when online information is biased, untrue, or not genuine. Reliable information is to civic health, like how sanitation is for proper public health. Also, the media literacy efforts haven’t been enough. If you want to learn more about fitness bodybuilding then you need to gain the right information with great guidance. If you are planning to get the right coach (trainer) for bodybuilding you want to read as much good information about your coach who best represents your ideas and beliefs. Many people in the industry try to gain clients with fake promises, luring beginners to enroll in their ponzu schemes. Because of this, a lot of aspirants are losing trust in fitness as a whole.

With his venture, Fitness Garage which holds mentorship programs enables newbies to know what is right, wrong, and important to them. With this, Sandesh and his team hand hold the students and guide them at every step, indirectly holding them back from making mistakes. Sandesh strongly believes that the wrong information on the internet is often the culprit for the wrong steps taken up by any individual. He with his team makes constant efforts to ensure they carry out niche research in any field before guiding their students on the platform Fitness Garage.

Transformation Challenge – is one of the courses and guidance programs offered at Fitness Garage that helps people take the next big leap in the Bodybuilding Industry. It takes the performers from being ‘Underdog Beginners’ to ‘Pro Athletes’! With a combined experience of 5 years that the team brings to the table on the Internet, they offer courses with utmost interest, knowledge, and passion to help fellow fitness enthusiasts. To know more visit

Being a true Mentor of training and PED solutions, Sandesh Deshmukh is also known as the ‘Prep Coach’ of bodybuilding. He had been in the industry since 2016, He has also trained more than 300+ professionals. With campaigns like- Fit PCMC (Government) and Pune H20, their story has been 2 Years in the making “And yet we are just getting started” His strategies are being followed by top Professional bodybuilders & Fitness Expert and his passion for Bodybuilding is on matched. At every step, Sandesh Deshmukh focuses on certain mindset and steady growth, that adds up to success.