Autogardner provides smart automatic solutions for all your needs



Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]:  Want to automatically water your plants, feed your lovable pets and control your door for guests or family members with Wifi smart door locks? If yes then you have to visit Kaira Smart Solutions by Autogardner for all your needs through innovative technology.

The products offered by the company are a great way to manage everything like feeding pets, watering plants, and other day-to-day problems. With the R&D & manufacturing in Pune & Mumbai, the company serves Pan-India and neighboring countries with innovative solutions.

Autogardner- will make sure to water your plants daily, Autopet – will never miss feeding your pet as per your set meal time and controlled meal size keeping them healthy and happy and further 6 new New application solutions are under development.

Below Are Product Segments that are Designed, Developed, and manufactured in India and come with 1 year of Warranty.

Offer automatic irrigation plans for your garden, terrace, and home plants, at the set time, even when you are not in your home. The product works efficiently to complete the irrigation responsibility in case you forget or for daily care with drip accessories for plants and sprinklers. Autogardner was first launched in 2016 with Smart Timer Variants 2017 another variant of intelligent Wi-Fi timer allowing the users to control plants watering remotely via mobile app 2018 followed by the first commercial moisture sensor device for watering plants automatically based on soil moisture level. 2020 All variant in the Solar version and in 2021 unique solution called “Slot Pump” miniature device enables users to water indoor plants or any plants at locations with no water source, slot pumps (powerful miniature pump) – pumps the water from any water storage and deliver to each plant automatically. So far autogardner has 36 Different variants of products to suit customers different site conditions and budgets and 14 new variants in Development.

Autogardner solution offers full control to the user to set 1-8 irrigation plans in manual timer and remote watering control using iOS or mobile app with unlimited irrigation plan to suit as per plants need.

Autopet launched in 2018 and started offline sale in Pune for 2 years been now online, available in 3 control technology Automatic Smart feeder to enable 4 meals per day, Wifi remote feeder enables pet owners to feed your pet remotely using an iOS or Android app, and also get notification and history of the dispensing. All variants come with a standard 3KG size and are extendable to 2.5KG based on high consumption pets and to increase the automatic feeding days.

  • No complicated technology creates complexity- the product is focused on long life and controlling the automatic feeding with meal size control.
  • Clog-Free Design, autopet runs on a power adapter and a specially developed conveyor which guarantees clog-free food dispense unlike battery operated which get clog when the battery gets low.
  • Autopet can control feeding meal size from 10-15 grams to the required one. you can feed your pet smaller meals more often, which is a healthier style of feeding your pet.
  • economically priced but still has plenty of features to allow you to customize your pet’s feeding. The products prove to be very helpful in managing the set feeding time for your pets and as you control everything with your phone, you efficiently manage everything.

auto-lock (WiFi smart door lock) launched in 2020 as the most economical and easy-to-install electronic door lock with Wifi remote capabilities with add on of Password lock, enhances your door lock security & enables more control with keeping less entry. Currently available only offline sale in Pune and soon will be launching online open to the world to take the advantage of unbeatable price.

The main motive of the company behind the development of these products is to enable the user to automate daily work at an economical price Saving time while also taking care and offering peace of mind as the automatic solution does its work.