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New Delhi (India), January 6: Cosmic Energy Shield – Exploring by Singapore Based – Fengshui Guru Mahavir Videsh

Cosmic Energy Shield: Major urbanization in major cities throughout the world has resulted in environmental issues that will affect future generations. They frequently lack a sense of harmony with nature and live in an unhealthy, unbalanced ecosystem.

Who does not crave a home or workplace that provides immense joy, a steady progression of harmony, a loving relationship, wealth, incredible well-being, proactive nature, conditions, and circumstances that can grow true serenity and all other beneficial things, sentiments, and feelings?

An energy field surrounds our body and mind, which is nourished by cosmic energy. This pleasant energy is always beneficial to one’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Negativity is reduced by cosmic energy, which also aids in complete healing and brings harmony into one’s life. Our bodies are truly fascinating. It’s like a web of interrelated systems and organs that all work together. The brain transmits ripples (signals) across the body when one system is anxious or agitated, causing the entire body to feel strained and disturbed. The stress chemicals adrenaline and cortisol are released in the bloodstream when we are emotionally disturbed, causing sickness in the body. Sometimes we feel stuck in life and nothing seems to help us.

What is Cosmic Energy Shield?

Cosmic energy can help us deal with this disorderly feeling. Consciousness’ life force energy is known as cosmic energy. This energy is known as Prana, or spiritual energy, in ancient philosophy. It is the energy that governs the entire universe’s operation. It can be found in galaxies, space, atoms, and everything else. Everything, both macrocosm, and microcosm is infused with cosmic energy. Because the entire cosmos is within us, we can bring this energy to our ecology. It is obtained by cultivating our minds’ ability to store this energy by being at peace with ourselves and living in the present moment. If we can focus and store this energy.

It can transform into a massive kinetic cosmic energy that can clear clogs in our arteries, increase blood circulation, and generate positive energy in us.

This cosmic energy, which underpins all of our activities, reactions, and functions, can work as an antioxidant and aid in the reduction of stress and despair. To absorb cosmic energy, we must open the window of our spirit to look and close it to sleep or be completely silent. The Earth is held by the Sun like a ball held by a thread. Electromagnetic attraction exists between the Sun and the Earth. This electromagnetic field may be able to assist us in resolving the discord in our human system. The Earth’s spin around the Sun symbolises their unbreakable bond. Bliss, tranquility, and love are all aspects of a cosmic state of mind.


To fully immerse oneself in all aspects of one’s life.

To live a happy and healthy life.

Gaining knowledge

To live a well-ordered existence

To broaden our consciousness

Signs that show One need’s of Cosmic Energy Shield:

THE COSMIC ENERGY SHIELDTM (CES) protects against Geopathic Lines/Stress/Faults, Hartmann Lines/Grid, Interference Lines/Grid, Ley Lines/Grid, Curry Lines/Curry Net, Benker Grid/Cubes, Water Veins, Sick Building Syndrome, Bad Neighbour Syndrome, and all of their harmful consequences.

Electromagnetic Radiations/ Fields (EMF), Electrical Radiations (ER), Harmful Ultraviolet Rays (UVR), Harmful Infrared Rays (IFR), and Microwave Radiations are all shielded by THE COSMIC ENERGY SHIELDTM (CES) (MR). It won’t get rid of EMF, ER, UVR, IFR, or MR, but it will get rid of EMF, ER, UVR, IFR, and MR (it will only remove all kinds of negative effects of EMF, ER, UVR, IFR and MR from the premise.)

Wrong Vastu flaws, Feng Shui, negative energies, and negative impacts from disrupted Brahmasthan (the Energy Centre) can all be shielded by THE COSMIC ENERGY SHIELDTM (CES), as these are known to affect the family’s abundance – for example, draining prosperity in the form of massive losses and debts.

THE COSMIC ENERGY SHIELDTM (CES) can also be used to create a shield to protect against Black Magic, Evil Eye, Dark Energies, Negative Spirits, Entities, Negative Energy Spirals, and Psychic Attacks. These bad energies that it shifts have been known to capture and irritate people on a ‘soul’ level, resulting in breakups, prosperity obstacles, and, more typically, a slow ‘poisoning’ of health.

IT HEALS: Cosmic energy has a healing power that heals our system from within. You will be spiraled with positive energy once aligned with cosmic energy. Also, cosmic energy regulates blood flow and lowers stress on the heart, thereby letting a have a peaceful sleep by restoring the presence of holy angels.

CREATE BHARAMASTHAN: But upon implementing COSMIC ENERGY SHIELDTM (CES) at your location, you will notice a variety of benefits, including a powerful Brahmasthan (Energy Centre of the Premises) that improves your overall well-being, a perfect balance of Five Elements in the premises, and powerful protective shields around the premises that protect it from negative energy and influences.

LEAD A PROSPEROUS LIFE:When we are open to Cosmic energy, we start living for others which gives us internal happiness. self by supporting the self-actualization and rejuvenation feelings. People who have installed CES in their homes and offices have reported experiencing peace and harmony on a regular basis, as well as more restful sleep, changes in health, and faster recovery from key issues, as well as financial and business issues prompted by negativity in those areas.

EXPANDS OUR CONSUCOUSNESS: A common person’s thoughts revolve around his own life, own family, own small world. He often tends to ignore the negative energies revolving around him. This makes our field of thinking wider and thus makes us wiser too. Unwanted Vortexes, Dark Energies, Evil Energies, Black Magic effects on a location, Negative spirits or energy, Ghost, Animal Entities, Bewitchment, and Bad Neighbour Syndrome are also eliminated. – YouTube Video Link.

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