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New Delhi (India), January 6: The internet has transformed the virtual lives of users and businesses. Whether it is about accessing valuable information, exploring online ordering platforms, or providing customers with an effective experience by making instant communication, everything revolves around the internet. Therefore, brands need to optimize their online PR and digital strategy to build a reputation and connect it to success. 

When it comes to building a brand’s online reputation, one of the fundamental aspects that brands tend to overlook is digital PR. About 85% of brands are so focused on retaining their customers via omnichannel platforms that they overlook the advantage PR can provide. Public relations and an online presence are the oxygen that today’s businesses need to flourish.  

The growing importance of PR in day-to-day business operations has led to PR & Digital Marketing agencies coming up in huge numbers; you will find one in almost every neighborhood! However, nobody is sure which of these agencies can get your job done in a proper manner as per the needs of their businesses. A number of promising startups have closed prematurely as they could not choose a proper agency that could make customised strategies. These agencies make a lot of tall claims of having executed a lot of work without actually having the arsenal to deliver need-based PR and Digital Marketing strategies. 

A Trend Setter:

There is an agency that is clearing up the muddle in the PR field. Moris Media is the best PR Boutique and Digital Marketing agency in India, which is against these methods being practiced. This agency does not believe in making claims about the work they have executed. As a result, they try to identify the short-term challenges and long-term goals of clients and develop customized strategies accordingly. Moris believed that every business has its own unique challenges that need to be resolved and showcasing past work would not guarantee success for a future campaign. This made Moris lose out on a number of business opportunities initially. This is because prospective clients would expect to get a visual representation of work done in terms of case studies, references, and more. Moris’ work approach was similar to that of a Doctor, who first diagnoses your ailment before prescribing you the proper medication. 

Digital Doctors:

As a leading PR boutique and digital agency with offices in Kolkata (India) and New York (USA), Moris Media is the hive of Digital Doctors assisting global brands to grow their digital presence by providing tailored PR and digital solutions that meet their specific needs. They now have more than 100 Digital Doctors rendering their expert solutions across 40+ countries globally, offering services in 10 languages and catering to more than 40+ industrial segments. 

Moris does not believe in bombarding clients with a number of services at a time. This is despite the fact that they have proven expertise in offering 65+ services in the PR and Digital Marketing domain. As part of their approach, they begin with one service, with 5 in-house digital professionals joining the journey to foster growth. All this merely costs less than the salary of a single employee for most brands. 

Remote Working Opportunities:

After the global pandemic, people had to adopt the culture of “Working from Home”. However, many people lost their employment as they lacked the digital awareness needed to perform in this changed scenario. Companies had to become overly dependent on technology. Moris Media was not only able to create “Work from Home” opportunities but also used its existing team members to train 5 new people to adapt to this changing work environment. This not only generated employment opportunities but a Corporate Training program also proved immensely helpful to a number of companies that were facing operational challenges. Moris Media is committed to helping all professionals who wish to work from home in a responsible manner by making them digitally aware to cater to the challenges of the industries in which they wish to operate. 

The Franchise Model:  

It was not possible for Moris Media to replicate its business model in every town and city working on its mission of helping startups and businesses in their growth. This led them to launch a Franchise program targeting those agencies or individuals that had some experience in PR and Digital Marketing but did not have the funds, market presence to start a brand of their own. Under Moris Media, these people are able to work in their local language and city to serve the PR and digital marketing needs of potential clients. All hiring activities and training programs for the franchises are handled by Moris Media and they operate on a profit-sharing model. This enables our franchisees to generate employment in their specific country, region, and language. This approach has been warmly accepted across the globe by people who wish to create an identity for themselves in the PR and Digital Marketing arena as an entrepreneur. 

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Since Moris Media’s inception they have been known for their Transparency, ensuring that all clients are kept informed throughout the campaign process, and for their Confidentiality, not displaying their past credentials for the sake of getting new business. Hence, 90% of their clients are still part of Moris Media and continue to receive PR and digital services.  

Indeed, this PR Boutique and Digital Marketing boutique has lived up to its mission of “Growing with its clients”. 

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