How Associated Health Care (AHC) is Revolutionizing the Baby Care Industry with their Innovative Products

New Delhi (India), January 4: Motherhood is the most unique experience. Whether the pregnancy is meticulously planned, medically coaxed or happens by surprise, one thing is certain – life will never be the same. Life changed for Apoorav & Priyanka as well, when they expected their first child. Their carefree, adventurous, fun-filled life became more protective, planned and they were super cautious before buying any product for their little bunny. They wanted the best and safest products for their little munchkin. The overwhelming exhaustion and the rising needs of infant care increased their anxiety. That’s when they decided to launch a brand that can take care of all the basic needs of a newborn. With the goal of providing the best baby-mother care products which are completely safe, Associated Health Care (AHC) was born. A brand by a parent that caters to all the needs of new parents. 

Associated Health Care (AHC) founded in the year 2015 is a company that tops in manufacturing innovative products for baby-mother well-being. Getting the right or best baby care products can be an overwhelming experience. The founders and proud owners of AHC, Apoorav Mehta and Priyanka Mehta, have created the company with the aim of developing products that can solve every little problem that a parent face. Each product undergoes a rigorous research process to meet the needs of a new-born and a mother. The brand offers a wide range of baby-mother care products that has been specially designed to make any new parent’s journey with their baby a beautiful experience.

The arrival of a baby is exciting. However, nurturing baby is difficult and can be daunting at times. To give a joyful experience to a parent to raise their little one, AHC offers an exceptional one-stop online shopping experience to its customers that meets all the basic requirements of a newborn. It offers a wide range of products in various categories – Baby-care & Comfort, Clothing, Bedding & Furniture, Maternity care & hygiene and Gift-sets. Each product has been thoughtfully innovated and designed keeping in mind its usability and uniqueness. Besides innovating mother-baby products, AHC believes in bringing sustainable products, while protecting environment over the product’s whole life-cycle.

Many new parents do a lot of preparation before the baby arrives. Some of them even get real-life experience from other parents that help them to understand baby’s need. But there are many new parents who end up getting confused when they are flooded with loads of suggestions & parenting tips. AHC brings to you some of its best Baby-care products that fulfills almost every baby’s needs in the initial months. It offers massage oil, bamboo face towels, mustard seed pillow, mosquito patches, cough relief patch, feeding bottle cover, tongue cleaner, nasal tweezer, safety door guard, pee cap, water-proof bathing pillow etc. 

Buying baby stuff is fun. But it is very important to think wisely before making any buying decision. AHC brings a range of essential Clothing that a baby will require from its birth till the time the baby is few months old. The brand offers printed/plain pyjamas, magic nappy, onesies, unisex cotton jeans, anti-slip socks, gloves, cool summer caps etc. AHC came up with a magical solution for new moms through its product Magic Nappy, which is quite different from a usual nappy. The nappy changes its color when baby pees on it. It is the most approached product, since it helps new moms to quickly realize when to change baby’s nappy.

New-born babies spend most of the time in sleeping. It is equally important to keep a check on baby’s sleep patterns & understand if the baby is getting sound sleep or not. A right crib with safe bedding could help a baby to sleep comfortably. A nice range of products has been designed and developed by AHC under Bedding and Furniture category – bamboo swaddles, glow-in-dark blankets, diaper changing/massage bed, bumper rail for baby cots, shoulder pillow, double-sided playmat, storage basket, printed dry-sheets, bean-bags, mustard pillow, waterproof-bathing pillow etc. A mother can rest her baby whilst being busy with her household chores or virtual business meetings by comfortably laying her baby in a Bean Bag manufactured by AHC. The little ones can enjoy the comfort & cosy feel of these bean bags. Babies can’t get enough of playing on the floor; hence it becomes a duty of a mother and that of the people in the house as well to keep the floor clean. To make it easy, AHC introduced Play Mats for babies where they can play as long as they want without having to worry about stepping on dusty or slippery floors. AHC has also introduced never-seen-before glow-in-the-dark Blankets that glows in dark which is the most fascinating thing for a baby to watch & enjoy.

A woman’s maternity experience can have a positive or negative effect on her emotional well-being and health, which can also impact the infant. AHC also promotes maternity care and hence manufactures a list of amazing products for mothers under Maternity Care and Hygiene category – washable nursing pads, maternity high-waist underwear, maternity bra, Pee funnel etc. AHC’s Washable Nursing Breast Pads is one such product which is highly in demand by new moms as it gives them freedom to move around in public. These nursing breast pads are washable and reusable, making them affordable for every mother. Similarly, AHC’s Feeding Bras have been manufactured keeping in mind every mother’s requirement for their ever-changing breast size.  

With such a wide range of products for babies and mothers as well, Associated Health Care doesn’t end here. The company will soon manufacture organic baby clothing, contributing to the environment, and making it a better and safer place for the babies turning into the next generations.

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