Clapstick Media helps businesses to scale new heights through video marketing


Ahmedabad : Companies in today’s digital world must have a strong online and social media presence. The internet has, without a doubt, altered the competitive landscape of business. Businesses can’t rely on tried-and-true advertising strategies anymore. Businesses today require a robust online presence if they are to survive and thrive. But in practise, this is far more difficult than it sounds. There are a lot of obstacles that businesses must overcome in order to succeed in the digital sphere, including digital marketing and social media.

If you’re a business owner, you know that your company needs a robust online presence to thrive. But what does that entail, exactly? To succeed in today’s business environment, it’s not enough to have a website or social media accounts; you also need to provide a unique and compelling experience for your customers. That’s where strategies like pitching, branding, social media management, and explanatory videos come in.

There’s a lot of money to be made in the video and digital experience design sector, which is expected to be valued over USD 259 Bn in 2018. Projections for the augmented reality and virtual reality market show that it will explode from its current estimated value of $28 billion by 2021 to approximately $500,000,000,000 by 2028.

Clapstick Media is a cutting-edge design firm with a focus on expanding businesses’ reach into untapped markets and increasing their revenue. By producing video content for both established brands like those in the Fortune 500 and newer businesses wanting to break into an industry, they have helped more than 200 businesses in 8+ countries get off the ground and running.

Founded in 2015 by Sanchita Chatterjee and Tryambak Chatterjee, who brought a new level of professionalism, tenacity, and quality to the industry, Clapstick Media has since assisted businesses all over the world. They have a team of creative professionals, social media gurus, and strategists, and they have helped some of the biggest MNCs and startups in the world establish a digital presence, social media strategy, and captivating films. The company’s mission is to help businesses of all sizes (from well-established corporations to up-and-coming ventures) exhibit their wares in the most engaging way possible through the use of cutting-edge video and digital experience-oriented technologically-creative services.

We are a one-of-a-kind digital transformation firm that fuses art and science. We offer a comprehensive, end-to-end turnkey solution to assist new businesses in establishing their brand across all client touchpoints. We assist major corporations in reaching both business and consumer markets with clear and compelling messaging about their most intricate ideas, services, and products. Our holistic method of integrating technology and creatives has given countless companies and businesses a real competitive edge.

Clapstick has had quite the ordeal on his travels. But in a strange way, it’s been rewarding. In 2015, when we first opened, we only had about 3–5 clients, all of them were local web designers or small enterprises. But our main target was the international video industry.

Hundreds of new businesses have benefited from our assistance, and we’ve had the honour of working with five or more Fortune 500 organisations. We also make videos for some of India’s biggest names in ed-tech and social media, who collectively have over 2 million subscribers. For their video and digital needs, our clients have included IBM, Chevrolet, Isuzu, Ease-My-Trip, Eledwise, News Reach, MyCord, and many more, both in India and around the world. We have supplied over a thousand creative assets and have many more waiting in the wings, therefore we are excited to dive headfirst into the emerging markets. Tryambak, a co-creator of Clapstickmedia, was the source for this quote.

“Everything is heading in the direction of the Metaverse. The highest demand will be for 3D augmented graphics and design. We are continually looking ahead as a business. In India, we were one of the first to use Explainer films with an isometric animation style, and we intend to continue in this vein. Using our experience in interactive and 3D design, Clapstick Media will expand into VR, AR, and Meta-verse content. We plan on expanding our business to new areas and obtaining capital to usher in the next wave of innovation in digital experiences. Clapstick Media’s co-founder and Creative Director Sanchita Chatterjee put it this way.

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