Bharuch records its first organ donation of a 38-year-old man, saves five lives


Surat: The industrial town of Bharuch recorded its first-ever organ donation through the Surat-based Donate Life NGO on Monday. Family members of the 38-year-old brain-dead patient from Bharuch took the bold decision to donate the vital organs of their beloved son to save the lives of five people in need of organ transplants.

Piyush Jashubhai Patel, 38, a resident of Bharuch was admitted to the Apex Multispeciality and Trauma Centre for a severe brain hemorrhage on October 15. After a fortnight-long treatment at the hospital, the doctors declared him brain dead on October 30.

The hospital authorities contacted Surat-based Donate Life NGO’s founder and president Nilesh Mandlewala regarding the brain-dead patients in the hospital. A team led by Mandlewala reached the hospital and met the family members of the ill-fated Piyush Patel.

After initial counseling, family members of the braindead patient agreed to donate his vital organs for saving the lives of the patients in need of organ transplants.

Donation of kidneys, liver, and corneas was performed at the Apex Multispeciality and Trauma Centre in Bharuch. The transplantation of the liver was done at Kiran Hospital in Surat, two kidneys were transplanted at Ahmedabad, and corneal transplantation was done at Nahar Eye Bank at Jayaben Modi hospital.

Donate Life has successfully contributed to the donation of 1048 organs and tissue with 440 Kidney, 187 Livers, 8 Pancreas, 41 Hearts, 26 Lungs, 4 Hands, and 342 Corneas giving new lease of life and vision to 961 organ failure patients in the country and across the world.

“We salute the family members of Late Piyush Jashubhai Patel age 38 for their brave decision to donate the vital organs of their beloved one after doctors declared him brain dead,” said Nilesh Mandlewala, founder and president of Donate Life NGO. “We are very much thankful to the Doctors and Management of Apex Multispeciality & Trauma  Center, Bharuch for their wholehearted support of this noble cause.”