Policemen serving the country should get benefits of soldiers: Dr. Vikram Siddareddy


Karnataka : Dr. Vikram Siddareddy, Chairman & Managing Director of United Hospital recently spoke after receiving a salute at the Police Martyr’s Day celebrations in Kalaburagi and paid his tribute to the Martyr’s Memorial.

Dr. Vikram Siddareddy, Chairman & Managing Director of United Hospital said, “The service of the soldiers protecting the country is unforgettable. In addition to this, it is legitimate for the policemen who are working as soldiers in the society and their families to get the benefits of soldiers.”

He further added, “Peace and security are very important if the society is to develop in all aspects. The contribution of the police in this regard is immense. Society should also be proud of the policemen who risk their lives for the sake of society and the lives of others. It is everyone’s responsibility to make them feel confident that we are with Police Personnel.”

Dr. Vikram Siddareddy concluded his speech by adding, “The children of the police who work tirelessly to protect people’s lives as well as property, need to get higher professional education and reservation facilities in the service model. A quota should be kept for police children in medical, engineering, and other professional courses. Reservation should also be provided in various government appointments.”