Switzerland-based Breitling launches its first fully traceable $20k Super Chronomat Automatic 38 origins watch


Surat: Breitling, a leading watchmaker from Switzerland has announced the launch of its new $20,000 Super Chronomat Automatic 38 Origins watch that is ‘Fully Traceable’.

The company has entered into collaboration with Sourcemap, a company providing transparency solutions for over 100,000 luxury goods companies by verifying the entire chain of custody starting from the raw material sourcing to finished products.

According to the report published by Idexonline.com, Breitling sources fold from a single artisanal mine, diamonds are from the lab-grown supplier Fenix, and buyers get a blockchain-backed NFT as a guarantee of provenance.

Switzerland is the world leader in manufacturing gold and silver-plated diamond studded watches for connoisseurs across the globe. The majority of the companies are sourcing natural diamonds from Mumbai and Surat, which are the hub of cut and polished diamonds in the world.

According to the sources, watchmakers traditionally rely on thousands of suppliers to source precious materials such as gold and melee diamonds and struggle to verify the material origin and root out the presence of illegal and unethical working conditions.

“We are committed to achieving positive social and environmental impacts along the value chain and enabling product integrity,” Aurelia Figueroa, the company’s global head of sustainability was quoted by Idexonline.com

“That’s why we engage closely with our suppliers and work with partners like Sourcemap to bring a new level of transparency into how our watches are made” added Aurelia.