Aequitas Equity Scheme 1 tops the Barclay Hedge Emerging Market Asia Rankings


Mumbai : Siddhartha Bhaiya, ace Fund Manager and Founder of India’s foremost Portfolio Management Services Advisory Aequitas Investment Consultancy, has led his Aequitas Equity Scheme – 1 to the top of the charts in the Barclay Hedge Emerging Markets, Asia Rankings. When it comes to measuring returns, the alternative investment sector looks to the Barclay Hedge indexes as the gold standard.

For the previous year and the past three years, respectively, Aequitas Equity Scheme – 1 has maintained its first and second place positions in the Barclay Hedge Emerging Markets, Asia Rankings based on the Compound Annual Return. Aequitas Equity Scheme – 1 has been ranked top, indicating 25.83% of net returns, ahead of other ranks, from September 2021 to August 2022, covering a twelve-month period. For the 36-month period between September 2019 and August 2022, investors in the Aequitas Equity Scheme – 1 made a total of 41.25 percent.

Mr. Siddhartha Bhaiya, the Fund Manager of Aequitas Investment Consultancy who is credited for these impeccable rankings, has been consistently delivering ~30% CAGR (in ‘Long – Only’ category) on managed account schemes for the past nine years, the best in Indian Fund Management sector and much ahead of many industry peers. Mr. Bhaiya’s performance is comparable only with the returns the likes of Mr. Warren Buffet and Mr. Peter Lynch delivered during their peak investing periods.

 Delighted Mr. Bhaiya said, “We are happy to lead and be the prime spot in the rankings published by the prestigious global platform like BarclayHedge. This is a result of our disruptive investing strategies to invest in high quality small and mid-cap listed companies that are industry leaders and have a potential for long term wealth creation for our investors.”

Mr. Bhaiya added, “As the global markets from US and Europe to China are facing turmoil, India is one of the few major economies with a silver lining on the horizon. We, at Aequitas, believe that markets are less about the economy and more about backing the right businesses.Our performance is a by-product of our robust research process that we stick to strictly as a military routine.”