TX9 gets patent approval for its Thermal Protection System for the EV market in India


New Delhi : The world has witnessed a greater shift towards the Electric Vehicle Revolution as an alternative to conventional internal combustion engines in nexus with the concept of sustainable development. The automobile industry has played a major role in reducing the hazards caused by the global warming phenomenon and all the major players in the industry along with the new entrants have transformed the market needs for a vehicle. TX9 has portrayed their strength in the electric vehicle industry by assuring the masses with top-notch build quality and reliability of their EVs along with an endless list of features.

Headquartered in Bangalore, TX9 has set its imprints across the globe. Apart from recording excellent sales figures in India, TX9 also has a good presence in the Asian and African continents. TX9 has revolutionized the mobility solutions in the modern urban metropolis while providing consumers with a high level of value for money factor. One of the top features of the E-scooters produced by TX9 is the swappable type suitcase battery which provides three distinct charging options to the clients. Moreover, TX9 boasts a range of approximately 220 km on a single charge which makes it an efficient and economical choice for vehicle enthusiasts.

As a result of the pro-active approach taken by the government in implementing and adapting the policies and norms relating to the EVs. In India, the electric two-wheeler market is expected to grow by 44% in the next few years. Even though there is a rapid increase in the demand for EVs in the market, many potential manufacturers face common issues like range fluctuations, battery overheating, electrical circuit issues etc. TX9 proposes to end this issue by introducing TX9 TPS Technology (Thermal Protection System) for which the patent has been approved by the requisite authorities. The TPS technology will aim to reduce the risk of battery bursting by monitoring the temperature of the battery and keeping the same at an optimal level. The battery is the major component of an EV and it is imperative that any manufacturer intending to launch a product in the market must follow the world class technologies used for developing the batteries so that the common consumers of the end product are not put into any kind of hazards or risks. TX9 follows this by including separators and protective levers between the cells of the batteries to prevent the issue of short circuits, thereby avoiding major accidents. TX9 also uses thermal sensors in their battery technology, which would keep the temperature in check and would prevent any temperature to shoot up beyond the set limit of 65 degrees Celsius. 

This advanced system detects any increase in temperature beyond the set limit and would hence cut off the battery operations immediately to prevent any mishaps. TX9 also uses a metal body in their battery system instead of the common ABS materials to prevent any fire-related hazards. TX9 450X which is currently in the testing phase for launch includes the thermal management system which would ensure that the temperature of the battery would not rise beyond 45 degrees Celsius whether the EV is in an ON or OFF position. The second patent which is approved aims to deliver a swapping station that helps to achieve the usage of 100% sustainable energy. The third patent which relates to the development of a hybrid system is still in the nascent stage of approval.

TX9’s backbone is their exceptional team, who is extremely passionate about the realm of EVs and keeps working on innovative ideas and implementation techniques throughout the organization. The team emerges and creates numerous distinct plans that can provide market value to the organization. Syncing with technology is extremely vital in the EV market, and TX9 ensures to have a firm connection with changing trends by introducing world-class technologies in its vehicles for an affordable price to the masses. An average EV user today faces many issues; TX9 takes the stand to resolve these issues using advanced robotic technologies.

Mr. Akhilraj Dhanarajan, Founder and CEO, mentions that the global market is transforming and the world is entering the era of electric vehicles. Therefore, it is necessary to deeply understand the potential of technology and implement the same in the respective arena to turn this change into a major revolution. TX9 not only aims to develop the existing technologies but the R&D teams are also developing novel technologies to be introduced in the market. TX9 has taken all challenges as an opportunity to be the game changer in the market and strives to introduce a varied number of innovative ideas. The unlike the new market players in the EV 2 wheeler segment who envisions a slow transition into developing EV 4 wheelers, TX9 takes a unique approach to developing AI-based scooters for the masses, based on their vision: We Develop Your Robo.

In the early stages of COVID-19, the electric vehicle market got affected immensely, and at present, there is a difference in the basic needs and preferences of consumers concerning the purchase of a vehicle. The EV market is growing at a brisk pace, and TX9 is contributing to the market relentlessly to uplift it and take it to further heights.