The Content Engineers launches CE Vantage a scripting facility.


New Delhi : Even though it’s been shown over and over again that content is King, writers in India are still not given the respect they deserve, according to a report published on October 20. The current scenario has shown that it takes more than just famous faces to draw audiences to a movie; the material must be strong enough to attract them on its own. In spite of this, the Indian film industry does provide decent compensation and employment for a select few writers.

CE Vantage is a script lab established by the cutting-edge production company Content Engineers, which employs writers from all over the United States. There are currently 31 talented individuals on the team, some of whom are fresh to the business and bursting with ideas, while others are seasoned professionals who have contributed to some of the longest-running shows in the business.

It’s also worth noting that the team includes not only professional writers, poets, and lyricists but also doctors, engineers, Ph.D.s, M.Phil.s, dentists, and others from cities, small towns, and rural areas.

“We have realised now more than ever that good content starts from good writing,” says Saurabh Varma, filmmaker and chief creative officer at Content Engineer. Whether they’re fresh out of film school or have degrees in engineering, medicine, or are simply daydreaming, we want to give them the tools they need to make content that production companies and streaming services will love.

According to Content Engineers’ CEO Utpaal Acharya: “We were amazed to see few scripts that came our way from writers who have not been able to sell or even approach good studios with their scripts, despite them being so good. That’s the soil in which CE Vantage began to grow. We’d zero in on material that’s cutting edge while still being appropriate for kids of all ages and universally relatable.

We hold that originality is innate, and that great stories can come from people of any age, background, or occupation. Giving those tales a hearing is all that’s needed to put India on the international stage of imagination. The plan is to form a group of authors to work on projects that will improve storytelling by tapping into the ideas and perspectives of people of all ages. Writers are starved for an outlet to share their work, so we plan to provide them with one, as well as a group in which they can learn from and inspire one another. It is my expectation that the Spanish and the rest of the world will view our Indian content in the same way that we watch the Spanish show “money heist,” says Gibran Noorani, creative head, CE Vantage.