DGCA assures thorough inquiry to be conducted in the viral video of a small boy flying  plane: SAAC


Surat Airport
Surat: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has taken note of the viral video of a small boy flying a plane while sitting next to the captain in the cockpit and has assured to conduct a thorough investigation for the Surat Airport Action Committee (SAAC).

Sanjay Ezhawa, president of SAAC said he spoke to the director of Air Safety, DGCA and that he assured immediate action into the incident.

Meanwhile, Ventura Airconnect, which operates flights from Surat to several destinations in Gujarat, and Shirdi have stated that the small boy in the Cessna plane’s cockpit does not belong to them. “A video has gone viral on social media where a kid is in the cockpit with the pilot operating a plane,” said Ishwar Dholakia, director of Ventura Airconnect. Ventura does not own the airplane. We completely follow the DGCA’s laws and regulations. Our pilots are well-trained, and they will not allow anyone inside the cockpit.”

After a video showing a small boy flying an aircraft went viral, people reacted on social media. Many assumed it was a training aircraft with two controls and two headphones. The pilot sits on the left, while the kids on the right are either learning the controls and navigation or taking a joyride. The person in the back is watching, which is perfectly legal and natural.

Tejas Nair, a pilot said, “Being a pilot myself, it is completely normal as it is a Cessna aircraft and certified for single-pilot operation. It could be a joyride and the pilot is under full control of the airplane”