Cannaking leading the way for Hemp Revolution!


New Delhi: The beginning of this decade has been nothing short of a roller coaster. We faced ups and downs concerning various aspects of our lives. The pandemic opened our eyes to the condition of the global healthcare system and the stability of economies and businesses alike. But amidst chaos and uncertainty, Aditya Khandelwal, a 22-year-old from Bhopal, discovered a market gap that further aids in changing laws and policies of not only our country but also global organizations alike. He is one of the youngest and first founders of a Medicinal hemp-based start-up in the Indian Sub-Continent, Cannaking Ayurvedic Remedies.

Upon learning that a close family member was found with a serious chronic ailment and modern medicine was unable to offer more to help, he was driven to seek out what could. And that is how he learnt that the sacred Hindu herb and a personal favourite of Lord Shiva had more to offer than social talk and misguided legislative agendas. His research and groundwork took well over two years, decoding everything from the laws, policies, regulations, formulation and packaging required to lift off. His persistence reflects in the product he has created. 100% vegan and plant-based, from product to packaging, everything is biodegradable/ recyclable/ reusable. Seems like he is taking down more than two birds with one stone. Cannaking Ayurvedic Remedies sells four varieties of their flagship product line, SHIVMOTI®, which has pure hemp-based capsules with diversified potencies to counter specific ailments that an individual suffers from.

Soon after the launch of Cannaking Ayurvedic Remedies, stories of how medicinal hemp helped friends and strangers alike started pouring in. This positive reinforcement by the community helped strengthen Aditya’s drive to push further. Moreover, Mr. Khandelwal is in touch with various Departments of the state government to help with the process of regulation around hemp and extinguish the consistent misinformation spread. Cannaking Ayurvedic Remedies is also being courted by private investors, recognizing the potential of the firm and industry alike. However, in the coming future, Aditya is planning an expansion not only in his existing medicinal product line SHIVMOTI® but also in FMCG, construction and fashion. The core values of Cannaking Ayurvedic Remedies revolve around serving not only their customers but also the environment. It serves as a reflection to other firms about their packaging practices that leave the environment wounded.

We are amid an entrepreneurial revolution. Emerging leaders like Aditya have shown us that with a clear vision and focused grind-set, the possibilities are limitless. He further tells us that having a routine goes ways longer than people realize. Apart from being one of the youngest Hemp entrepreneurs in Asia, he is also an athlete, trained kickboxer, pianist and the receiver of a Bravery award when he was just seven years old. The list may go on about the personal and professional achievements of Aditya, but we are yet to see how Cannaking Ayurvedic Remedies does in the times to come. Rest assured, the future does look exciting!