Nature Club Surat rescues a large porcupine from the busiest Prime Arcade area in Surat



Surat (Gujarat) [India]: Surat has overrun the remaining habitats in the last two decades, bringing humans into close contact with wild creatures. On Wednesday, volunteers from Nature Club Surat (NCS) rescued a full-grown porcupine from the bustling Prime Arcade neighbourhood in Adajan, in a classic illustration of the quickly spreading concrete jungle fragmenting and destroying the homes of native wild wildlife.

According to the NSC volunteers, they received a distress call from Adajan regarding an animal with sharp quills on its back. When the volunteers visited the spot at Prime Arcade in Adajan, they found the large and slowly moving rodent (Porcupine) loitering on the roadside, trying to hide from the humans and the continuous noise from the vehicles passing by.

The porcupine, which falls under the Schedule-II category, was rescued by the NCS volunteers and was shifted to the NCS’s rescue and relief center for animals and birds at Vesu.

Kaushik Patel, NCS volunteer said, “There has been an increase in the wild animals venturing into the city areas from the last few years. The rapidly expanding concrete jungles have fragmented and destroyed the homes of native wild creatures and they are forced to take shelter in the city areas, which increases the human-animal conflict”

Patel added, “Before harming the wild animals, people must think as to why they venture into city areas. It is we humans who have snatched away their natural habitats by constructing sky-scrappers and other infrastructure”

The porcupine rescued by the NSC volunteers has been kept under the care of the vet doctors and it will be released in the jungle soon.