Ukai Dam sets a record in electricity generation


Ukai Dam
Surat (Gujarat) [India]: The hydroelectric plant at Ukai reservoir has set a new record in generating the highest quantum of electricity in the last decade in August 2022.

According to the Ukai Dam officials, the hydroelectric plant at the dam generated 224 million units in  August-22 compared to 221.26 million units during the same month in 2013.

The officials said that a huge inflow of water into the dam during the entire August month,  because of torrential rains that lashed Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh—the catchment areas of the Ukai Dam—enabled the plant to generate power in large quantum.

The dam had to discharge excess water into the Tapi river. As per an estimate about 1.72 lakh cusecs of water was released continuously for more than a week and it was brought down to 1 lakh cusecs of water in August. The water was discharged through the crest gates and the power generation plant to produce electricity.

The main portion of the Ukai Dam has a total of 300 MW of hydroelectric power plant, while the right bank has about 5 MW hydroelectric power plant. These hydroelectric plants are managed by the electricity department of the Gujarat Government along with the Irrigation department.

Currently, the production of electricity has stopped as the dam does not have sufficient water to discharge. However, officials believe that since the inflow started in the first week of August itself, they can resume power generation in September if the dam receives adequate water.


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