SaladO emerges as the biggest salad brand in India


New Delhi [India] : IT all started with winning the tastebuds of the residents in a big residential complex with about eight different varieties of delicious salads. Meet Riya Roha, a housewife, who thought of making a business model for serving exotic salads to the consumer and  this was the time when SaladO brand was established in August-21.

Today, SaladO has become the biggest salad brand in India with more than 110 franchise stores located in different cities across the country.

“After the Pandemic, a lot of Families got impacted financially, and that is where we had a strong vision to teach our business to people who are in need at a very, very reasonable price. We thought of Social Cause more than profits, and we started giving our business idea at a cost lesser than the amount we spend for one outing. We also ensured to give complete support like giving SOPs, Recipe Manuals, Recipe Videos, Marketing Material, Digital Marketing, Partnership with SWIGGY and ZOMATO, getting required licenses & Much more” said Riya

As they say, ‘Positivity attracts Positivity’ – Same was experienced when in this mission of growing the SaladO network. We had a great team that took this mission and helped SaladO to become a team to expand the brand like fire.

Today after one year, we are a dynamic network of 110+ Franchises. Our decision to help others rather than going for profits clicked when we saw SaladO as the biggest Salad Brand In India.

Our USP – We make Salads that are tastier than most junk foods. That’s why we say, SaladO = Health + Taste.

What’s Next? – This is just the beginning.

* We will have more than 500 Cloud Kitchens in the next three years.

* We are also coming up with Physical Outlets, and we shall have around 20 outlets in the next year.

* SaladO will go international, and you shall see our presence in 5 Countries in the next year.

Revolution started with a small movement, and the SaladO revolution started. SaladO dreams high and will turn no stone unturned to make India Proud by becoming the biggest Salad Brand in The World.

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