UN honors Thejo Kumari with the Real Super Hero award on Humanitarian Day


Thejo Kumari
New Delhi [India]:  The United Nations honored Thejo Kumari with the ‘Real Super Hero’ award on the Humanitarian Day in recognition of her unstoppable work for underprivileged people.

Thejo has gone on to distribute food and clothing in the COVID-19 situation to people who found it hard to feed themselves during the lockdown. Over the years, she has been able to reach out to far more people from not just a village but to several people in various places, especially during the pandemic when she chose to help others know of the deadly virus by creating awareness among the community. She has always ensured that those who find it hard to afford food, clothing and shelter need assistance and could thrive from the generosity of those who could spare time and some of their comforts with others.

Her arduous work and dedication to helping people have been gratifying and recognized by the United Nations. They have facilitated her exemplary work in New Delhi during the Humanitarian Day celebration. It is one of the most recognized awards, and she is definitely happy to receive it. She has advocated for the people of the lesser god and taken on eradicating literacy in many villages of India. She worked on rescuing children who had been forced into child labour—reaching the remotest corners to spread health and sanitation awareness.

AIDS and its awareness have taken a prominent place in Thejo’s agenda for reaching out to people and enabling them not to get caught up in this dangerous disease that can ruin lives. She has made tremendous efforts through various awareness campaigns and telling people how they can protect themselves and avoid the spread.

Her extensive list of awards includes the Nelson Mandela Nobel Peace award, Abdul Kalam Diamond Sparkling award, and Global Iron Lady award. She has been fortunate to receive the Bharath Bhushan award for her commendable work. The Indian Government has recognized her efforts and awarded her the Rashtriya Samaja Seva Ratha Award, Rajiv Gandhi Icon award and Mahatma Gandhi Excellence award. Through her acts of selfless service to touch several lives and help make their lives better, Thejo Kumari Amudala’s lifelong dream.