IMTS offering online education for working professionals: Varun Gupta


New Delhi [India]:  IMTS is offering online counseling with more than 200 career counselors to guide students in choosing the ideal courses.

Varun Gupta, founder, and CEO of IMTS has been guiding students in choosing the ideal course for them. At IMTS Institute, students can pursue learning without visiting the college. All students at the IMTS institute have access to 100% e-learning online or application-based education. Over 45,000+ students have benefited from the IMTS institute by achieving their career goals through its e-learning facility. Having a good experience with online education and technology-based learning is one of the specialities of our Institute. We also provide doubt-clearing sessions with academics, if necessary, in order to help our students.

Mr. Varun Gupta, the Founder of IMTS Noida, is a passionate advocate for Technology, Transparency, Equality, and Ethics in the education sector. With more than 14 years of experience in education and industry, Mr. Gupta is widely regarded as an Indian educationist and industrialist. Through his vision, various excellent educational Ed-Tech companies have been built around India, including IMTS, as a result of his vision. In addition to earning an MBA and LLB degree, he has also won a number of awards for his efforts in the field of education and technology. He has 14 years of experience in this field.

The IMTS Institute offers a free career counselling service with over 200+ professional career counsellors who believe that education is a right. Since 2005, we have offered this service. Ninety-eight percent of students received their certificates and degrees on time;

The IMTS Institute is a great example of diligent work and dedication. Education professionals ensure students receive a high-quality education in their fields.

Provides assistance to thousands of students worldwide

IMTS Institute (Institute of Management & Technical Studies) provides students with a superior education in their chosen field. For 17 years, our Institute has been committed to student excellence. Experts are responsible for teaching these courses. The aim of Mr. Gupta is to establish a 1000-person office (IT experts, a career counsellor, and professors who will assist students online and offline).

Goals of Varun Gupta as a founder

 Varun wants to transform how India learns while disrupting the category every year to achieve 40% annual growth.

 Aside from his experience in data analysis, digital marketing, career counselling, and legal assistance, he also has a degree in Management and Law. Ability to assess business needs and make changes according to changes in the business environment, which facilitates expansion. Entrepreneurship is taught to learners by transforming concepts into profitable companies.

Varun Gupta has always been supportive of young people. It follows that. With the help of Mr. Gupta, IMTS Online has been able to connect international universities with local universities. In accordance with the guidelines of the UGC and the government, gather and update student information in order to avoid gaps in the data. In order to protect his students from university leaks, he takes a lot of care to protect them. In his speech, Mr. Varun Gupta assured everyone that IMTS Online’s expert education consultants would make digital education a reality in India in the near future.

 Furthermore, he offers information about courses and colleges in different parts of the country to help make remote education more accessible to pupils. “Right to Education” and “Right to Correct Information” are two of the most basic rights he supports. Varun Gupta manages the company’s P&L, legal, financial, and compliance affairs. There is no doubt that Varun believes that a successful team works together to achieve great results. He has built a team based on skill and passion.

Consider the benefits of joining IMTS if you have yet to make up your mind about whether to join or not. In the year 2022, IMTS Institute will celebrate its 17th anniversary as well as offer you the chance to pursue your dreams. IMTS Institute assists you in making the transition from being a student to a professional. There is no doubt that the faculty of an IMTS Institute is responsible for the future of your future student.