GD Goenka offers quality education to the students at Gurugram


GD Goenka
New Delhi [India]: If you want your wards to get a quality education then  you have to seriously think of enrolling them in the GD Goenka school at 10A in Gurugram.

Few schools strive to inculcate their students with quality education so that they are well-equipped when they go out in the real world. The teaching methods like experiential learning and practical ways of theoretical teachings.

GD Goenka Gurgaon teaches students through special teaching methods that help develop the cognitive and social skills that will help them in the future. Students are given practical problems regarding their theoretical knowledge and the various course curriculum topics. These practical problems help better understand and implement whatever has been learned.

We also include extra-curricular activities in our curriculum. These help the students with various qualities that help in future, like leadership quality, teamwork, work ethics and information that would help a student in future.

The school principal, Dr. Nidhi Nijhawan, is someone who knows the value of obtaining good and correct education; she says, “I find it imperative that we hold education as one of the most important things of one’s lives. We should keep in mind that we are shaping our children’s future by the quality of education we provide them; therefore, the right technique to implement education is equally important.”

We all know that education is integral and important for a child to grow, but when it comes to imparting knowledge, we have been failing by giving a limited area to work on, with inclusive techniques implemented by GD Goenka, teacher’s education has taken a step forward in Gurugram.

Mrs. Shruti Verma, Co-founder of Skoodos, a school search engine, says, “Coming across schools like GD Goenka who try and implement better techniques to impart quality education is refreshing; education nowadays is not confined to classrooms as it was in our times, it is more practical and solution-oriented.”

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