Why Ajmal Perfumes has become a global leader?

New Delhi [India] :  If  you think of scented perfumes, there is no better name than Ajmal Perfumes. A homegrown brand has become famous globally with its rich heritage and seven decades of craftsmanship in intricate art of perfumery. The company has announced a major expansion with the opening of about 65 franchise stores by 2024.

Ajmal stands strong as a global fragrance leader with a vast portfolio of around 1000 of the finest and most captivating fragrances available across 45 countries. In addition to its owned 34 Kiosks and Small Format Stores, Ajmal Perfumes has already embarked on this expansion program with two of its latest Franchise stores active in Jalandhar and Ludhiana. As part of its retail strategy to make the products accessible at an arm’s length of desire, the brand plans to expand to nearly 34,000Point Of Sale by 2025. Today, Ajmal Perfumes reaches consumer segments across India with 4,000+ Point Of Sale by leveraging a unique distribution set up across General Trade and Modern Trade and to more than 10000 pin codes by E-commerce.

At each of the Franchise stores, consumers will have access to not just world-class fragrances but also collections that have now become household names in recent times due to their commercial acceptance. This would mean the entire product portfolio from the House of Ajmal Perfumes, which includes the Ajmal Perfumes X House of Anita Dongre collection, The Make in India Range, and mostnotablyAmir One, which is a globally renowned masterpiece.


“With the growing popularity of Ajmal Perfumes in India, we are extending our fragrance partnership to bring the brand within an arm’s length of desire, to revolutionize the fragrance sector in India by leveraging our experience, heritage, and legacy with our ability to deliver a high-quality product at the right price. We have had consumers asking repetitively to have a full range of Ajmal products, which is only possible when you have a store that carries the entire product portfolio. The Ajmal experience matters to consumers, and it is only possible to deliver it across India when we penetrate deeper into India’s different geographical markets. In this journey, we feel that trying to do it all alone will have limited coverage. This is where able partners who want to carry the legacy of Ajmal Perfumes with mutual benefits will help us expand the Ajmal patronage.” says Saurav Bhattacharya, President, Ajmal & Sons – NHA Division, India.


For more Franchise Enquiries, please contact Bhagwan Sable on +91 9620309997 / franchise.enquiry@nha-world.com.