Digital Business Cards could save millions of trees and protect us from environmental damages

New Delhi : Over seven million trees across the globe are chopped every year for printing 10 billion business cards. This amounts to a daily print run of 27 million cards. How about switching to a digital business card? Sailax offers the benefits of moving to digital business cards (DCB) in the right way to protect the environment.

A few years ago, the entrepreneur behind Sailax had an idea for creating a digital business card that incorporated the best technology in the digital world. DBC was created as a result of this thought. Today, it is one of the leading digital business cards in the world, with thousands of global and local brands, business executives, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and other enterprises switching to it.

The Features of DBC

“In today’s time when most companies are working remotely, client-facing professionals are looking for ways to exchange their contact information digitally. DBC is helping people with this by providing them with an advanced and feature-loaded technology that helps them network effortlessly and do their business with ease,”  Mr Ajay Sharma, Founder Sailax, DBC.

That is one of the simplest ways to sum up why DBC is the right choice. But let’s get into the details. DBC gives you all the advantages of going digital. And some of these are unique to it.

Customization is the key

Sailax’s DBC goes beyond the sharing of basic contact information. The leap forward through technology makes your information come alive. And it can be customised to suit your needs, individual styles, and most importantly, to fit into brand guidelines and templates. Everything, from the design to the fonts to the colours, can be played around with so that you get exactly what you want.

You can add “Digital Magic”

Beyond all the customization possibilities are the features that come with DBC. You get features such as dynamic QR code creation, business card analytics, email signature, a mini website, and technology for turning paper cards into digital business cards, tracking your card and QR scanner traffic, and managing all your contacts in one place.

One of the features that every user has given feedback on is the addition of a video to their cards. This can be used to introduce yourself, your organization, or even to advertise opportunities.

Now which other card do you know of that allows you to do all this.

The World is Switching to DBC

Since its establishment in 2020, Sailax’s DBC app has received over 150,000 downloads. Employees of tech behemoths like Tesla and Microsoft use DBC on a daily basis. It was named the top digital business card app in the Google Play Store in August 2021. It is a GDPR-regulated app which assures data security.

While we do not want to brag about our success, we would love it if you visited our site and read all the other feedback we have got from our users.

The most important reason to shift to DBC now

What you have read above are the reasons why you should put away your paper business card for ever. There is one more, which we believe is the most important, and that is the benefits it gives our world. This is the one reason why the entire team behind Sailax DBC keeps making it better through new features and technologies. So you get the best digital business card with the most capabilities and heal the world at the same time.