Gujarati music in a hip hop avatar with Ronak Limbachiya’s Laagni song


Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India]: Like Punjabi music, Gujarat’s music industry has started a successful experiment with the first-of-its-kind hip hop song ‘Laagni’ by Ronak Limbachiya.

 Nowadays everyone is a big fan of Punjabi music just because of the songs and most importantly the music behind them. But this has never before that you listened to a Gujarati song in such hip hop flavour.

 It’s not far that everyone would be having Gujarati music on repeat mode. In a talk, Ronak told that the music for LAAGNI is produced by the well know producer ‘RASLA’ & marketed by

RASLA is a well-known producer and had worked with top-notch artists like Badshah and Bali. Ronak also told that he aims to promote the local Gujarati music to the global level.