Suchismita Pattnaik is the first woman from India to win two Mrs.Universe 2021 titles in South Korea


New Delhi [India] : Suchismita Pattnaik has become the first Indian woman to win two titles at the Mrs. Universe 2021 competition, which was held in Seoul, South Korea from June 22 to June 30.

Suchismita was crowned Mrs. Universe North Central Asia 2021 and Mrs. Universe Liberty while representing her country at the prestigious event.

“As the holder of this crown, I am aware of the value and responsibility it entails.” “I hope to serve my country and the world with good deeds for many years to come,” the Mrs. Universe winner says in an interview.

She won this one-of-a-kind pageant after completing nearly seventy-eight rounds. Her presentation on domestic violence at Mrs. Universe was widely recognised and honoured on the global stage as a thought-provoking synopsis. During the national costume round, she advocated for women’s and children’s safety, as well as gender transformation, and the forum recognised her efforts.

In 2019, she was also named Mrs. India Universe Successful and Mrs. India Universe North-South Karnataka in Mauritius. However, winning Mrs. Universe Liberty 2021 has provided Suchismita with a platform to bring about much-needed change in order to make the world a better place. She intends to make the best use of her position of power to do good.

Suchismita is a hard worker. She has many years of experience as a seasoned global HR professional. She has extensive experience working as an HR Headhunter in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, and banking. She knows how to do her job as an HR Headhunter, whether it’s higher-level or niche roles. To date, this superwoman has been in charge of hiring for global roles in a number of countries.

Suchismita Pattnaik began working as an Image Consultant in 2019, assisting her clients to transform their lives for the better, develop their personality and brand, master interview techniques, and advance their careers. Her work has included organising wardrobe management workshops, upskilling, and teaching etiquette. She has provided organisational behaviour consulting and motivational speaking in the workplace.

As a fashion influencer, Suchismita Pattnaik has earned a lot of respect. Her upbeat personality makes her a joy to be around. She enjoys meeting new people, networking, travelling, exploring new places, event management, and emceeing. She has also been a trained Odissi classical dancer since a young age. She completed a strategic digital marketing course from a reputable institution as part of her commitment to staying current with ever-changing technology, ranking among the top one percent of her cohort.

Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, the renowned model and HR professional has mentored a diverse range of startups. She has assisted these startups in streamlining their operations by providing them with real-world and highly motivating solutions. Her primary focus as an entrepreneur has been on three market segments: image consulting, digital marketing, and career branding. She founded her consultancy services firm after being inspired by her success in the field of consulting.

Participating in philanthropic activities related to children’s health, women’s health, women empowerment, and gender-based violence is something she is particularly passionate about. She has collaborated with a number of start-up companies to boost tribal economies by bringing their products to the global market. Her philanthropic activities earned her the title of Mrs. Universe Liberty, and she is still doing great things.