Streamkar becomes the most sought-after live streaming application in India


Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]  :  StreamKar, India’s first live streaming application allowing people to earn revenue, has become the most sought-after application on the IOS and Android platforms in India.

The live streaming application StreamKar is a testimony of how this trend is making headway among the Indian populace.

StreamKar is a product of Common Vision Technologies, Mumbai, and it receives investments from the leading U.S.-based mobile internet company Tipping Points Technology Limited. This app caters to the global desi audience, wherein anyone and everyone can create and post content online.

Difference between live streams and pre-recorded video content

Although live streams are a part of video content, they are different from pre-recorded videos. Pre-scripted videos are tools for presenting an idea more structured and organised way. It is rehearsed, recorded, and then taken live. There is a high production value attached to such content.

It requires a script, graphics, and visual and sound elements. However, with live streams, there are no retakes here. This is primarily why raw footage gets more credit and helps the target audience know the content creators or influencers up close. With minimum production input and maximum output, all one needs is a laptop or mobile device and confidence to go live.

Live streams are a safe bet on falling back on!

Live streaming has become a valuable currency for brands and businesses. Pre-recorded videos facilitate a one-sided conversation, whereas the proponents of live streaming include engaging with a live audience in real-time. Content creators can improve their online presence basis the audience’s reaction in real-time.

Since live streaming does not have the option of pausing and resuming videos, this amps up the chances of the audience watching a live broadcast for a more extended period. One eyeball-grabbing reason live streams engage more audiences is that it does not cost a penny. While pre-enacted videos have all the hullabaloo of Lights, Cameras, and Action, consistency is the only key to gaining traction on a live stream.

Live streams – a more engaging video experience

Live streams enrich the user experience. Filters can add an immersive flair to live streams, further helping the streams to interact in a fun way. Influencers can liven up their live stream by changing things to keep their streams fresh and innovative. With content creators’ growing popularity, the viewers also metamorphose into a virtual community.

They keep returning to popular channels that speak to them on a personal level and entertain them. A live chat can be an engaging tool where viewers can voice their thoughts or ask questions. Gamification and rewards in the form of having a leader board, emoticon-based reactions, and sending gifts can be tactful solutions as well.

To maintain a loyal fan base, digital creators can include top-notch ideas on their live streams. They can plan a spontaneous live session, do a BTS (behind the scene) or show off their streaming setup, organise a Q&A or AMA (ask me anything) session, do a house tour, showcase their talent, collaborate with other streamers, host a giveaway session, lead a workout session, prepare an interesting poll or quiz, or do a live stream fundraiser; the list can go and on.

StreamKar provides an audio party room which invites up to 8 guests to talk about everything under the sun. Streamers can even enter into funny, engaging battles with fellow streamers, thus, increasing their virtual network. Get hold of this app on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.