Adani University hosted Global Education Forum on educational transformation and global sustainability


Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India]: Adani University hosted the Global Education Forum for the academic year 2022-23.

Themed on Educational Transformation and Global Sustainability, the forum brought together renowned national and international academicians and industry experts from diverse fields to deliberate on Education for Transformation and Transformation for Sustainability. 

The forum was inaugurated by Dr Priti G. Adani, President, Adani University, with distinguished plenary speaker Padma Vibhushan, Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Dr Victoria Galan- Muros, Chief Research and Analysis, UNESCO International Institute for Higher Education in America and the Caribbean, Dr Arun Sharma (Vice-Chancellor, Adani University) and Prof. Dr M. Muruganant (Provost, Adani University) in the presence of other eminent speakers and panellists, people from academia, industry, and students.

Padma Vibhushan, Dr Anil Kakodkar said, “The development of new technology depends upon new knowledge created. So, research & development is the main engine in the knowledge era. Knowledge in action, a knowledge that delivers.” He added, “When we think about the sustainable goal, it is the university who shall play an important role in the strengthening human values to eliminate exploitation which has to go concurrent with technological empowerment. We should try to provide quality higher education accessible to all and is key to eliminating disparity.”

Dr Priti G. Adani (President, Adani University) said, “For India to become a manufacturing hub at the intersection of global supply chains — very much in line with Prime Minister’s vision of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Make for the World’ – the most important requirement will be the ability to educate and scale up its human capital to a new breed of professionals. Professionals who are resilient, entrepreneurial, and ready to thrive in a volatile and uncertain world. We strongly believe that the most important task of nation-building is the development of human capital, and the establishment of Adani University provides us with a unique opportunity to do so.”

As a part of the forum two separate panel discussions were organised, Education for Transformation and Transformation for Sustainability, where eminent speakers from academia and industry shared their insights. These discussions brought out essential parameters which are required for this transformation from industry-based education modules to sustainability-oriented education modules, transformation within the system through skilling, reskilling of faculty, and the innovative education system. Human values were also discussed as part of a transformation journey as to how first we need to be sustainable from within ourselves. It also highlighted why the seed of sustainability needs to be nurtured at the cognitive level from childhood development. The deliberations during the forum concluded that the creation of a sustainable world relies on the degree of synchronisation between education, energy, and the environment.

Dignitaries from government bodies to institutions to industry were present as panelists – Prof. Dr. Bharat Dahiya, Director, Research Center for Sustainable Development and Innovation, Global Studies, Thammasat University, Thailand, Dr. Shahshank Shah, Director, Higher Education, NITI Ayog, and Dr. Gopi Chandran, Professor, NTPC School of Business, Dr. Ruma Bhargava, Project Lead, India, Fourth Industrial Revolution for Health World Education Forum, Prof. Amit Garg, IIM-Ahmedabad, Dr. Pradyumna Vyas, Board Member, World Design Organization), Mr. Mahesh Ramanujam, Immediate Past President & CEO, U.S Green Building Council Washington, Atul Bagai, Head of Country Office, UNEP) & Dr. Victoria Galan-Muros Chief Research and Analysis, UNESCO International Institute for Higher Education in America and the Caribbean presented their keynote message on Environmental Education and Universities as engines for more sustainable futures.


About Adani University

With a vision to educate and empower the youth, to encourage transformative research that focuses on real-world problems, and to contribute to global sustainability via excellence at all levels, the Adani Group – one of India’s largest transport and utility infrastructure conglomerates with inspiration from the infrastructure and visionaries of India – Shri Gautambhai Adani and Smt. Pritiben Adani – has established the Adani University in the enterprising State of Gujarat in India.

 With the major thrust on education for transformation, Adani University will be engaged in building a state-of-the-art futuristic institution for education, training, and research that shall disseminate managerial and technological knowledge of the highest value through impactful industry engagement and multidisciplinary research.

 Five thrust areas, namely Infrastructure, Technology, Healthcare, Energy, and Defense, will be the focus of university programmes, while the approach will be broad and complementary. Adani University will be a research-intensive institution that seeks to address and impact real-world problems. Research, formal and non-formal programmes for doctoral, under-graduate and post-graduate degrees and certification programmes, at the intersection of disciplines, will be offered at the University.