A Gynae clinic in Gurgaon offers the most advanced machine for urinary incontinence treatment


Gurgaon (New Delhi) [India]: Kalosa Obs & Gynae clinic is the first in Gurgaon to offer the most advanced machine for treating urinary incontinence.

The machine known as BTL Emsella offers patients a non-invasive and pain-free treatment option that was previously unavailable. The clinic is proud to offer this cutting-edge treatment to its patients.

Urinary incontinence is a common problem that affects millions of people. There are several types of urinary incontinence, but the most common type is stress urinary incontinence. It occurs when you laugh, sneeze, or cough, and urine leak out. The new BTL Emsella machine offers hope to those suffering from this condition and urge or mixed incontinence cases. It is the most advanced machine of its kind and is proven effective in 96% of cases.

The clinic’s team of experts is highly trained in using the machine and is committed to providing the best possible care for their patients.

What is BTL Emsella?

BTL Emsella is a new medical device used to treat urinary incontinence. It is a non-surgical treatment that uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles. It helps to strengthen the muscles and improve bladder control. BTL Emsella is safe, painless, and effective. It can be used to treat both stress and urge incontinence.

The clinic has seen a surge in patients seeking treatment for urinary incontinence, a common problem, especially among women. With the help of the BTL Emsella machine, the clinic can offer a non-invasive and effective solution to this problem.

The clinic is committed to providing the best possible care to its patients and is constantly striving to stay at the forefront of medical technology. The addition of the BTL Emsella machine is a reflection of this commitment.

About Kalosa Obs & Gynae Clinic

Kalosa Obs & Gynae Clinic is a state-of-the-art clinic that offers comprehensive obstetric and gynecological care to women of all ages. The clinic is headed by Dr. Deepti Asthana, a highly qualified and experienced doctor. She has over 15 years of experience in the field and is known for her expertise in treating complex cases. Dr. Deepti Asthana is also a Senior Consultant in the dept of obstetrics and gynecology, FMRI, and has been associated with FMRI since 2015.

The clinic offers a wide range of services, including antenatal care, postnatal care, contraception advice, menopause treatment, and more. It also has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, ensuring that patients receive the best care possible.

Visit https://www.drdeeptiasthana.com/ to know more about the clinic.


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