From private ICU ambulances to Air Ambulance service, an inspiring story of Dr. Sanjay Mishra


Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India] : An old saying goes ‘nothing is impossible when you have a strong determination to fulfill your dreams’. This aptly suits to Mumbai-based Dr. Sanjay Mishra, who started with the first concept of ‘private ICU ambulances’ in Mumbai in 2000 and went on to establish the first private Air ambulance service in India.

Born and brought up in the city of dreams-Mumbai, Dr. Mishra gained interest in the health care field at a very early age and he spent considerable time in his childhood studying the human body and medicines. He was attracted to the idea of helping people with physical problems in times of emergency. He pursued his medical career and education in the best medical colleges and universities in India.

After starting  his career as a doctor in the year 2000, Dr. Mishra started an exclusive fully-equipped road ambulance service company with state-of-art technologies and facilities like ICU, Ventilator, Paramedic staff, and Doctor-On-Board for the first time in Mumbai. The challenging problem was there were no ICU ambulances in Mumbai during 2000, only high-operating hospitals used to have Cardiac Ambulance. Dr. Sanjay Mishra was the first to coin the concept of ‘ICU Ambulance’.

He launched ‘Private ICU Ambulance’ and ‘Private Cardiac Ambulance’ at affordable rates and built a chain of multiple ambulances according to the needs of the patients. The next challenge was to spread awareness about ‘ICU Ambulance and how it was vital in the life-saving process. Though this all was challenging, he did not give up. He used to explain and elaborate ‘What is ICU Ambulance?’ to doctors, staff, and patients personally. He used to go onboard and shift patients from accident spots to hospitals when he was off-duty.

During the Tsunami of 2005, for the first time in his career, he rescued a public-spirited senator stuck and injured in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India and relocated him to his homeland – the USA in an air ambulance. This achievement marked the threshold of his pursuit in the air ambulance industry. He was all set to start a revolution in this newborn industry. After then, In 2006, he worked for myriads of medvac aviation companies all over India to gain experience and industry insights. 

Down the line, his experience and talent enabled him to establish his own fully-fledged air ambulance company, ‘Air Rescuers Worldwide Pvt. Ltd.’ in the year 2007. He bootstrapped his venture without seeking any help from investors for funds.

During the tragic Iraq war of 2014, Dr. Sanjay was the man behind the evacuation of Indian casualties from Iraq airport. Continuing his bravery and gallantry stories, He also rescued many Indians during Afghanistan War.

This is how Dr. Sanjay revolutionized the entire ambulance service industry during the 2000s with his innovation and high-visionary mind.

His future vision is to build a hyper-connectivity between the spectrums of major cities in India that have the capacity to inhabit 6 to 7 private air ambulances in order to make this service affordable for the common man in India and simultaneously make it cost-effective and speedy. He also aims to launch an air ambulance with two stretchers which will increase the patient carrying capacity and consequently reduce the cost of transit.

By assessing difficult situations from all relevant perspectives and working to integrate the knowledge he had gained from exploring narratives, he has begun to reflect upon the impact of Air ambulance can have on medical care.

In a world that has become increasingly data-driven, where patients can so easily devolve into lists of numbers and be forced into algorithmic boxes in search of an exact diagnosis, Dr. Sanjay’s medical background has taught him the importance of considering the many dimensions of the human condition and clinical care.

He wants to learn to build and lead patient care teams that are oriented toward fulfilling these goals, creating an environment where family and clinician needs can be addressed efficiently and respectfully. Now, he owns and operates a wide range of companies providing a spectrum of ambulance services all over India and abroad with a team of 380+ employees. He is the Director of ‘Air Rescuers Worldwide Pvt. Ltd’. As a company, they have catered their aeromedical services to 10,000+paitents across 150+ countries. They contribute to 40% of total air evacuation operations in India.

He set benchmarks for unparalleled service and coverage anywhere there is a need for air evacuation. He is a silent player in this industry who believes in the philosophy of “Work hard in silence, let your success make the noise.”   And he continues to provide his service to society for more upcoming years.

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