Palli Food is the first startup in India catering to the food needs of patients in hospitals


Kolkata (West Bengal [India] : Palli Food has become India’s first unique startup catering to the food needs of the patients in the hospitals ranging from nutritious palliative food, chronic disease, sudden trauma, customized diet for patients and pregnancy food.

Palli Food is equipped with a unique kitchen service that prepares food for people who need customized food. They prepare the exact food that has been prescribed by the doctors in their diet chart and delivers the same to the doorstep of the patient.

The owner of this unique venture is Mallika Chatterjee, a food and tech entrepreneur who belongs to a doctor family and is well aware of the nutrition and diet of patients. “Invest in food than expending on Hospital bills is the mantra she believes in, and she started this venture in 2017. She started her company backed by science and her creativity, and a huge experience of living a life with her doctor husband. She appeared in a very popular TV Show, and there was no looking back after that, along with medicine, her venture to become one pillar for the patients. Eminent doctors and dietitians have backed her venture.

During covid, she became the savior in her area by serving more than 50 covid meals daily.

Currently, she is serving six categories of patients.

1. Palliative Food for patients who are terminally ill.

2. Chronic Disease Food: This category is for people suffering from chronic diseases, including diabetes, High BP, IBS, chronic liver problems, thyroid, kidney issues, and many more.

3. Sudden Trauma Food: Sudden trauma like surgeries or accidents or jaundice, Pox, or COVID 19 disturb the core of the body and the family. Palli Food is the only option in such cases for the patients

4. Pregnancy Food: This is one food company dedicated to managing the food and nutrition of a complicated pregnancy and people suffering from PCOS, PCOD, and other hormonal problems.

5. Health Freak Food: It is for everyone who chooses to remain healthy and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

6. Exam food: Absolute specialized food to beat the pressure of the exam.

 Apart from these facts, this venture has a huge social impact as the cooks, laborers, and helpers are female from nearby slums, where they get training, knowledge, and handsome salary, and they become financially independent. These cooks are also eligible to work in any hospital canteen as they know every part of cooking food for patients. Separately she is creating a delivery system of her own, and even there, she employs female riders. It is, on the whole, social entrepreneurship where growth is happening in every layer of society.

According to Mallika, “ in coming few years, Palli food will become a big community kitchen where every middle-class people will be able to save money of cook, gas, grocery, and also will be saved from the trouble to going to market, especially for the elder citizen of our city. Soon we will be one big Village where healthy living is not an option or choice but will be normalized”.

Soon she will start giving the franchise to different cities in India, and more and more people will join this initiative.