Meet Abhishek Trivedi on a travel mission to raise awareness of the Ayurvedic cure for multiple sclerosis from Punjab to Cochin


Cochin (Kerala) [India]: Abhishek Trivedi, a bank employee from Chandigarh is on a travel mission from Punjab to Cochin to spread awareness among the masses on the Ayurvedic treatment for multiple sclerosis.

At the age of 19 years, Trivedi was caught up with the disease and he was cured with the effective Ayurvedic treatments.

Trivedi will be traveling 3100 km from Chandigarh to Cochin, Kerala to create awareness about multiple sclerosis.  Abhishek started his journey on 14 June and took almost 14 days to reach Ayush Prana for his treatment. Ayush prana is a specialised Ayurvedic Hospital that treats only MS patients. He can undertake this lengthy and arduous journey by driving a vehicle that has been specifically modified to suit the specially abled.

Abhishek aims to inspire and raise awareness among all those who are affected with MS & are struggling to manage their daily lives. Abhishek was diagnosed with his illness in 2004 in Greater Noida when he was studying mechanical engineering. At the age of 25, the symptoms worsened which severely affected his mobility. Although he passed the UPSC pre-exam, he could not prepare further as his health condition worsened.

Abhishek Trivedi said, “When I got to know about the treatment offered at Ayush Prana for MS, I visited here in 2021 and underwent the treatment for three months. Before coming here, I lost mobility in my legs and was unable to walk. After the treatment, I regained strength and made considerable improvements. However, MS is a progressive disease and the only hope is to stay in line with the treatment. Doctors at Ayush Prana were of great support & encouragement. I was advised to visit every 8 months for ongoing treatment. I saw hope in Ayurveda for MS and today I can overcome my challenges with fortitude.”

Dr. Prasanth Raghavan –CEO & Chief Physician of Ayush Prana, who is also a third-generation Ayurvedic Doctor, says “In India, the prevalence of MS varies between 5 to 10 people per lakh in population & around 2-2.25 lakh patients with MS are getting treated currently. It is important to receive appropriate treatment and follow a healthy lifestyle but it’s even more crucial to get support from family and friends. It is very pertinent for MS patients to create awareness with their struggles, suffering, and way of coping with it.”

“I would like to salute the exemplary courage shown by Abhishek Trivedi who has been visiting Ayush Prana and has shown remarkable improvement. People like Abhishek are our brand ambassadors who can spread the message of hope.”

Conventional treatment protocols are ineffective in the long term. Currently, there is no known allopathic treatment that can cure or stop MS, moreover, some of these medications are known to have high levels of side effects.

About Ayush Prana

Ayush Prana is World’s Only Ayurveda Multi-Specialty Hospital for Multiple Sclerosis. The hospital is situated in a remote, silent, serene small village of Illithode, Kerala on the beautiful banks of river Periyar.

Multiple Sclerosis is a degenerative central nervous system disorder caused due to an autoimmune process. The hospital has been accredited as a hospital by the Government of India and undertakes research efforts which is a significant aspect of clinical practice.