The top five SAFe institutes in India helping firms to expand lean and agile processes



The top five SAFe institutes in India helping firms to expand lean and agile processes

New Delhi [India], June 23: A collection of organisational and workflow guidelines created to help businesses scale lean and agile processes is known as the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Because it gives you access to a wealth of resources, knowledge, and current, applicable practices based on Agile Methodology, SAFe Agilist Certification is valuable.

How do you get SAFe certification?

Scaled Agile, the organisation responsible for accrediting SAFe, offers a globally recognised SAFe certification.

The SAFe Agilist certification is the first in the SAFe series. It includes participation in a training course known as “Leading SAFe,” which takes two days and covers both the theoretical foundations of SAFe and its practical applications. In addition, it teaches attendees how to drive enterprise changes utilising SAFe and its fundamental principles.

Selecting the right SAFe training course in India that corresponds to your current organisational position and desires long-term objectives is essential. Considering their features will allow you to choose the SAFe Agile certification that is best for you.

Here are the top 5 SAFe Agile Certification Institutes in India

1) StarAgile

StarAgile, one of the best training institutions in the market, assisting students and professionals in achieving their objectives, offers high-quality certification in the lean-agile project, Scrum, quality control, DevOps, and other related topics. Their trainers use role-plays, analyses, case studies, debates, and hands-on activities to teach real-world knowledge. StarAgile’s SAFe Agile certification training has received a spectacular 4.9/5-star rating from over 1,00,000 learners.

Key Features

– Delivering training online, in the classroom, or a blended form

– The best and most reliable return on investment

– Offers a complete platform to its trainees and prepares them for the workforce

– Trainers are well-versed in their fields and have a wealth of knowledge in the relevant field

– Placement: 100 percent with 300+ hiring partners

– Comparably decent fees and greater returns


Learning Benefits

– Get a better understanding of Scrum’s fundamental principles, methodology, and implementations.

– Improve your inseam management and teamwork skills to lead an agile team.

– Achieve company goals with an agile mindset.

– Candidates understand SAFe Agile Master challenges, duties, and responsibilities.

– Get familiar with the SAFe Agile Artifacts.

2) Simplilearn

Simplilearn has the second position on the list. This online learning platform, based in Chennai, also offers training in SAFe Agile. The enrolling procedure is simple and provides an excellent learning experience. This SAFe Agile course focuses on Agile techniques and implementation.

Key features:

 2 days of a virtual online class

– The course material was also outstanding, informative, and easy to comprehend.

– The SAFe Agilist exam fee is included.

– SPC provided the service

– Membership for one year as a certified SAFe® Agilist

– Get 15 PMI PDUs

Learning Benefits:

– Enables you to have a significant role in your organisation’s success.

– Enables execution and value delivery through Agile Release Trains.

– This is valued in many industries for leading Lean-Agile transformations.

3) Xebia

Xebia also offers a comprehensive training system in Agile, Big Data, Data Science, Testing, and other cutting-edge technologies. The Xebia Global Academy provides both B2B and B2C training options. Xebia Academy has developed its curriculum to include skill sets that have been thoroughly specified since the institution is conscious of the significance of developing skills that will continue to be in demand in the years to come.

Key Features:

– Provides a flexible work schedule

– Trainers possess SAFe certification.

– Measures Scaled Agile’s impact and progress

– Learn to run a Lean-Agile organisation.

– Learn about new technological advancements

 Learning Benefits:

– Good salary scale, supportive management

– Projects, on-site work

– Using SAFe Digital Badges, you may prove your credentials digitally.

– You have accessibility to amazing career-boosting resources.

– Positive value

– Career opportunities

4) Cprime

Cprime, an organisation that focuses on workforce development and consultancy, meets IT and knowledge-intensive enterprises’ educational needs. The institute offers organisations Live Virtual Training, skill-building, consultation, and E-learning. Over 24,000 students have been trained to use the Scaled Agile Framework to improve alignment, cadence, synchronisation, and cooperation. In addition, the institute offers learning and skill-development initiatives to individuals and corporations. After completing Cprime Learning’s Business Analysis program, Business Analysis experts will be ready to implement the appropriate methodologies promptly.

Key Features:

– Largest online learning platform

– The Expertise and Proven Track Record of Faculty and Mentors

– Offer fast, clear, and blended learning.

– A large network of industry professionals

– Innovative teaching

Learning Benefits

– Obtaining direct client exposure on-site

– Provide tips for deploying SAFe to assure your agile transformation’s success.

– By emphasising value and innovation, you can adapt and win in today’s fast-paced business environment.

– Real-world scenarios, labs, and exercises are used to teach students.

– Self-analysis, group discussions

– Presentations and individual/team activities

5) NovelVista

NovelVista trains professionals worldwide. They have become known for their professional training and certification in the IT field. The institute offers 60 professional and non-technical programs in IT Security, Governance, Managed Services, Project Management, Agile, Scrum, and DevOps.

The institute offers training for both individuals and groups and access to resources. There are five different ways to learn here: online, one-on-one, classroom, live online, and corporate group. In addition, the institute offers customised language training for enhanced understanding.

Key Features:

– Learn the SAFe Agile principles and guidelines.

– E-learning, individual learning, classroom, live online, and corporate group training

– Professional and supportive trainers with extensive expertise

– Enhanced Visibility

– Learn best practices

– Make your cv more valuable.

– Remain consistent in the market

Learning Benefits

– Highly qualified and licensed instructors

– Participatory training session

– Experience-based learning

– Best industry practises

– Implementation strategy design

– Case studies from real life.

Last two cents

Agile, Scrum, and Kanban can be expanded and implemented on a large scale thanks to the SAFe network. As a result, an experienced instructor must train SAFe’s principles, practises, and functions to ensure proper planning and supervision.

Obtaining the SAfe certification is crucial for anyone looking to advance their career or improve their organisation using Lean-Agile principles. Specialists who have earned the SAFe Certification are known throughout the world for helping businesses become Lean-Agile. Enhance your lean agile skills and professional value by learning the skills required to be a transformational lean agile leader. Get your SAFe professional certification today to put yourself ahead of the competition.