Unable to make payments with your credit and debit card on the Apple store? know why this is happening



Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: Are you facing trouble making payments with your cards for subscriptions or in-app purchases on the Apple store? You need not have to worry anymore because you are not alone facing these problems. Reason: Apple has stopped accepting such payment methods across India.

This simply means that the Apple users in India will not be able to use their credit or debit cards to make purchases from the Apple app store to get subscriptions to iCloud+, Apple music, buy media content, and many more.

Apple’s Twitter handle has been flooded with queries from tens of thousands of its users in India complaining about the discontinuation of the credit and debit card options for purchasing subscriptions, in-app purchases, etc.

For Apple users in India, the support page lists the three payment options including net banking, UPI, and Apple ID balance. However, the Apple ID balance option can deduct money from the account when the subscription renews on a monthly or annual basis.

Experts believe that the American tech giant decided to discontinue the debit and credit mode of payments in India following the new rules implemented by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for auto-debits, which have disrupted recurring online transactions.



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