Give permanent jobs, multi-specialty hospital, and industrial training institute in Hazira industrial belt: Darshan Naik


darshan naik

Surat (Gujarat) [India]: Darshan Naik, a farmers’ and cooperative leader in south Gujarat has demanded the setting up of a multi-specialty hospital, industrial technical training center, and permanent jobs for the educated youths in the giant industries located in Hazira.

In a letter written to Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel, Naik stated that the people from over 14 coastal villages in Hazira have given everything in their possession including their land and water for the industrial development in the Hazira belt in the last three decades. Despite such a huge contribution to the giant industries, the people of these villages are facing serious pollution and environmental issues.

The pollution situation in Hazira has worsened in the last few years due to the presence of polluting industries. The educated youths in the coastal villages are not given permanent jobs in the companies like ONGC, Kribhco, NTPC, L&T, Reliance, AM/NS India, Gujarat Gas, Crain Energy, Shell, GAIL, etc. located in the Hazira industrial belt.

The villagers have surrendered their land for industrial development, they are unable to carry out the agricultural activity or start animal husbandry to earn their living. Many families in the coastal villages have shifted to Surat to earn their livelihood. The fishing business in the coastal villages is on its deathbed due to severe industrial pollution in the sea and the non-availability of fish near the sea coast.

Naik said, “The locals are offered jobs in the big companies in Hazira, but they are taken on contract. We have demanded that the educated youths should get permanent jobs in the industries.”  “The residents of villages in Hazira have been demanding jobs for their sons and daughters for the last 20 years, but the industries are not interested. Locals have to visit 30 kilometers away from interior villages in Hazira for getting medical treatment in the hospitals in Surat”