Sarine Introduces first-ever rough diamond report with valuation appraisal


Sarine Introduces first-ever rough diamond report with valuation appraisal

Hod Hasharon (Israel), March 15 : Sarine Technologies has launched a new service providing appraisal and valuation reports of rough diamonds for various purposes – trade, financing, insurance, etc.

The valuation of the rough diamonds for these purposes will be based on Sarine’s industry leading Galaxy®, DiaExpert® and Advisor® technologies, along with additional data collated as necessary. The rough diamond is comprehensively analysed and documented – its weight, external geometry, internal structure, tension (stress), estimated colour and fluorescence, etc. are measured and recorded digitally, including visual graphics and video, as applicable.

The new service then takes the process two steps forward. The rough stone’s digital information is first processed by Sarine’s most advanced Advisor® 8.0 planning package with numerous optimal solutions generated. This process results in a realistic and reliable forecast of the polished diamonds that can be produced from the given rough stone.

The various polished diamonds resultant from these solutions are then valued as per multiple-sourced current pricing data, the value being further refined using various statistical analyses and weighting. The data thus derived provide an actual range in dollar terms of the market value and tradeability of the polished diamonds that may be manufactured from the rough stone, indicating its market value.

In addition, Sarine’s Diamond Journey™ traceability solution can be applied to document the rough and anticipated polished diamonds, so as to subsequently verify the identity of the rough and/or polished diamonds, for inventory control purposes or when the diamond is eventually cut and polished. This provides the financing entity with the necessary confidence to extend to the manufacturer the necessary working capital for his polishing operations, or, alternatively, to simply provide credit against the documented rough stones as collateral, while they are still held by their owner for sale.

The new service will be launched with Israeli-based Mazalit, allowing Mazalit and its customers, who are interested in receiving financing services utilising their rough diamonds as collateral, to enter into financing arrangements confidently. Sarine will be remunerated for the new appraisal service both for the initial prerequisite Galaxy® scanning, as is the norm, and further by a fee commensurate with the actual financing provided. Mazalit is an Israeli-based group which provides financial and logistical services to the diamond industry.

Mazalit leverages its expertise in the diamond industry to tailor unique financing solutions to diamond industry entities. Regulated by the Israeli Capital Markets Authority and Ministry of Finance and compliant with all requisite directives, Mazalit enables its customers to expand their business by offering them supportive logistical services and beneficial financing – allowing their stock “to work” for them despite strict constraints dictated by the Israeli authorities.

David Block, CEO of Sarine, stated, “Though rough diamonds are high-valued assets that embody significant value, financing them till now was difficult due to the highly subjective process employed and the consequential difficulty to accurately assess their value. Financing was further stymied by the uncertainty associated with the ability to confidently identify the rough diamonds over time and even more so, where working capital is concerned, to ascertain that the predicted polished diamonds, against which the financing was provided, were, in fact, derived during the later stages of the process.”

“ We are proud to have developed the technology that generates the requisite data that provide realistic solutions to these issues, thus enabling a completely new scope of financing tools. We are pleased that Mazalit, a company that shares the same values of transparency and innovation with us, chose to work with us to develop this solution, and believe that the service they can now offer is one much needed with enormous potential.”

Zeev Maymon, CEO of Mazalit, said, “We are more than satisfied with the significantly expanding demand for our financing services. As we are committed to supporting our customers growing needs, we are reassured by the new Sarine rough diamond reports and appraisals ability to provide us with the necessary data to do so. Based on objective technological means, Sarine’s solution allows us to scale up our operations while concurrently lowering our risks. Sarine’s new appraisal service allows us to incorporate a robust process to automatically and accurately determine the value of the rough diamonds, affording us a solid basis for our financing calculations

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