AICC spokesperson alleged Amazon paid a bribe of Rs 8,546 crore to operate an e-commerce business in India.


Surat: Professor Gourav Vallabh, spokesperson of the All India Congress Committee (AICC) has alleged that the world’s largest e-commerce company, Amazon paid an ‘alleged bribe’ worth Rs 8,546 crore to the Modi government at the Centre as ‘legal fees in the last two years to operate a smooth business in India.

Vallabh, who addressed a press conference at Ishwar Farm on Thursday, targeted the Modi government for the heavy loss of livelihood of crores of small-time shopkeepers, traders, and small businesses by promoting the American e-commerce company, Amazon.

Professor Vallabh posed questions to the Modi government demanding to disclose the names of the politicians and officials who received a bribe of Rs 8,546 crore from Amazon, was the bribe given to change the rules and laws by the Modi government to promote the business of e-commerce companies like Amazon at the cost of the small shopkeepers, traders, small businesses and MSMEs?.

Vallabh stated that six Amazon companies together made a payment of Rs 8,546 crore. Why is Prime Minister Narendra Modi silent on the bribery scandal?

Vallabh demanded that the Amazon bribery scandal should be investigated by the sitting Supreme Court judge.