Sustainable Lifestyle Product Brand Green Hermitage launches its new website

New Delhi [India], January 17: Homegrown and upcoming sustainable lifestyle products brand Green Hermitage has recently launched its website. The brand has launched its first line of handmade, plant-derived leather handbags and travel accessories. Keeping in line with luxurious aesthetics and simultaneously looking to create products that do not harm the natural environment, Green Hermitage is a revolution in high-end bags and accessories for anyone who appreciates luxury and sustainability. A truly international brand that puts transparency, sustainability, and empowerment first, they offer customers the best choice of environmentally friendly bags possible so they may discover the ideal bag for each of their special requirements. The products themselves speak for utility and function combined with unparalleled aesthetics.

A shift toward a more sustainable future is what prompted the creation of the brand Green Hermitage. As the brand name implies, the idea is to enable people to reconnect with nature and experience the naturally derived materials they use to craft their bags. With the help of their products, they hope their customers can set off on a journey where each thread and every detail of the bag one chooses helps re-establish contact with nature’s soul and unite with its fabric. It is why 90% of the raw materials that go into the products are plant-derived and completely biodegradable. The raw materials are sourced after thorough research and testing to curate the most eco-conscious materials. By exhibiting the splendor of nature through their products and making them long-lasting statement pieces, they express their thanks to mother nature.

The Founder of the brand, Gayatri Varun, has been a passionate advocate of climate change for almost a decade now. She has always wanted to pay attention to how urban people approached consumerism and to focus on the use of sustainable and organic products to promote minimal and conscious living. After spending over two years working on the grassroots level to combat climate change, she went on to pursue her MSc in Climate Change and Sustainable Development on a 100% scholarship from her University. Before that, she completed her degree in law and pursued a life as a corporate lawyer, which she felt did not fulfil her dreams and aspirations to do more for the world at large. She then went on to work in Africa with farmer groups on projects that enabled altering cooking methods to more energy-efficient cookstoves and working on creating a change in behavioural patterns. Upon her return to India, she met with her partner, Anubhav Pratap Rai and together, they wanted to create something special, something that not only left a legacy but an establishment of sorts that truly brought a difference to the environment and society at large.  Hence Green Hermitage was born with an aim to change ideology and purchasing patterns to more ethical products and create an ecosystem where nature is always put above any economic incentive.

Green Hermitage’s team has started with an overly ambitious aim to establish a brand that strives for complete and absolute sustainability – at all times, with each product, over the next few years. Every day, the team rises to transfer their processes to 100% sustainability while maintaining the handmade elegance of their goods while keeping consumers’ needs at the core. They create the best-in-class vegan and functional handbags to give you a sense of what luxury feels like when created in accordance with the natural environment. In the process, the team is developing an ecosystem of “Partners in Sustainability,” which includes their craftspeople, the people from whom they source the raw materials, and the people who buy their unique and environmentally-safe products, the consumer. The brand has also been certified – PETA-Approved Vegan, MSME Certified, StartUp India Entity, and all their materials conform to the GOTS, Global Recycle Standard, and USDA Organic Materials.

Green Hermitage inspires and empowers people to lead the way to a more sustainable future and drive good change. So, if you are among those who love donning a good quality bag and care about nature too, then enjoy a 25% discount on all Green Hermitage products by using the code ‘JOY25.’

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