Morari Bapu expresses delight at the opening of Mahakal Lok


Morari Bapu
Manali : Morari Bapu, a noted kathakaar and spiritual leader, expressed happiness with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s inauguration of the Mahakal Lok corridor at the Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain.

Speaking while delivering his 905th Ram Katha in Manali on Wednesday, Morari Bapu said, “I am happy to know that the country’s respected and successful prime minister has inaugurated the Mahakal Lok corridor. I welcome that this great pilgrimage site, which holds a special significance in Hinduism, is once again dedicated to the nation. See Kashi. It is our culture and tradition. It is a universal religion. I am feeling very happy.”

“Many people said that Lord Ram is the ideal of Bharat. But this statement is incomplete because Ram is the foundation of India. Whenever Lord Ram has been forgotten, the country has faced its consequences. He is the base of India and the world,” Morari Bapu added.

There are 12 Jyotirlinga sites in India, of which Mahakal is the only one facing the south, while the remaining are east-facing. The Mahakal temple finds mention in several ancient Indian texts.