Gujarat AAP’s claim on the police raid at its data center in Ahmedabad real or a political stunt


Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India]: The claim by Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) Gujarat president Gopal Italia alleging the city police raided its data center office on Sunday was real or a political stunt ahead of AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal’s town hall meeting on Monday in Ahmedabad.

Prashant Dayal, a veteran journalist who broke the story on Sohrabuddin encounter case in November 2006 took to the YouTube channel of Navjivaan web portal to reveal the real story behind the alleged fake claim by Gopal Italia and senior AAP leader Isudan Gadhvi on Monday.

Dayal stated that Isudan Gadhvi tweeted, ‘Gujarat police have raided the data center of AAP Gujarat’. Following this tweet, the Gujarat police were on the run, not only that till the early morning hours the Gujarat police were on their toes to gather information as to who conducted the raid on AAP’s data center.

Isudan Gadhvi and Gopal Italia called a press conference on Monday afternoon stating that the raids on their data centre still continues, despite the denial by the Gujarat police.

“To know the truth behind the entire episode, we went to the data center of AAP Gujarat located on Ashram Road in Ahmedabad. Forget about the huge presence of police, as it happens during the raid operations, we could not find a single constable on the spot” said Dayal. “So, what was the real incident and it is important to understand”

“From the information that we gathered, two policemen from Navrangpura police with the Hog Squad were patrolling on the Ashram Road. It was about 8;30 pm and the policemen were passing from the Torrent Power office on Ashram Road and they were unaware of the AAP’s data center office at the same spot. This spot on Ashram Road is the hot spot for chain snatching incidents. This time, the duo saw three suspicious persons loitering on the road. The policemen approached the suspicious persons to inquire” said Dayal.

Despite asking repeateadly, the suspects did not respond and ran toward a building known as Alpha Bhavan. The constables parked their motorcycle and went inside the building where they saw around 10-12 people sitting in an office and all were speaking in Hindi. They (constables) inquired what they were doing in the office till late and they responded that it is the data center of AAP Gujarat.

“The constables asked them to show their identity cards. However, the people sitting in the office demanded the constables show their ID proofs first. After a brief discussion, the constables left the office, but they were keeping an eye. After 15-20 minutes, the constables returned to the same spot, only to find the office was shut. The constables were not knowing about the tweet by Isudan Gadhvi regarding the raid on the data center” said Dayal.

Sanjay Srivastava, police commissioner of Ahmedabad tasked all the agencies to find out the involvement of police or other agencies in the raid on the Gujarat AAP’s data center following the tweet. When the political atmosphere hotted up, Srivasvata took to the official Twitter handle of Ahmedabad police to deny the charges of Gujarat AAP on the police raid on its data center.

“AAP is going on the lines of BJP when it comes to the political stunts. The policemen of Navrangpura police station had no idea that their quest to find the chain snatchers would land them in political trouble”