Poll strategist Vikrant Adams sets his eyes on politically charged Gujarat state


Pune (Maharashtra) [India] : Vikrant Adams aka Vikrant Bhingardive, a renowned political strategies and digital marketer has set his eyes on the politically charged Gujarat for the upcoming Assembly elections.

Adams who has worked for many political parties as their poll strategists across the country, he did not received an opportunity to work as a strategist for some political party in Gujarat. This time around, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has penetrated deeper into the Gujarat politics and is likely to give a tough fight to the ruling BJP government in the state.

Hailnig from Pune, Vikrant completed his formal education and started a profession carrier earning Rs 10,000 per month. He started educating himself on digital marketing, while doing his regular job.

For the first time, Vikrant started his venture as the poll strategist for  handling the social media accounts of aspiring candidated who contested the municipal elections and mastering the sikills, fundraising, digital marketing, social media marketing, medial relations  etc.

Vikrant’s vast array of services includes campaign consultancy and advising, digital campaigning, and ground campaigning, among many others. His expertise helps political leaders and election candidates connect with the public and win their hearts effectively. He specializes in developing and executing personalized political campaigns per the candidates’ profile to produce election-winning results. This young digital marketer and new-age political campaigner from Pune believes in utilizing technology and innovation to reach potential voters and influence voter participation.

 Vikrant said,  “In a country like India, the nature and frequency of elections are different from any other part of the world. To win an election in India requires developing and implementing efficient political campaigns that fit the candidate’s profile and party’s political goals. I assist political leaders in planning data-driven political campaigns to get the party’s message out to a broader audience. Moreover, I aim to give our country better leadership to make the dream of a better India come true.”

 Vikrant specializes in Political PR, Surveys (pre, exit & post-poll), Election Campaign Management, Political Party Registration, Political Advisory, Constituency Research, Campaign War Room Management, Political Research, Public Policy Research, Media Communication Strategy, Political Intelligence, Analytics, and Digital & Social Media Management. He also helps political parties start their journey through Political Party Registration Services.

 Vikrant has already worked for India’s leading political parties like BJP, Congress, Aam Aadmi Party, and NCP in many states across the country.